Monday, May 7, 2018

Down to the Wire

Hey everyone!! First of all thank you for all your prayers! Because I know we have been very blessed this week! Thank you!!

Multi-Zone Conference

So this last conference was great because it was a lot about the new ministering program and I think its something we really needed because being a high baptizing mission its easy to get caught up in the numbers but with the idea of ministering to the people and the members we can really see a lot more success and have a more fulfilling experience with investigators and that's really what we should be doing. It was a good conference and I learned a lot. I also felt very blessed because hna Rodriguez assigned me and hna Murdock to organize the special musical number with hna Gardner and hna Allen. So that was perfect because me and hna Gardner are dying together and hna Murdock and hna Allen are in training and it was great to be able to do music again with hna Gardner. We had both thought of the same song to sing too we chose "Peace in Christ" and it all came together really well even though we only had a couple of days to practice. But it was perfect. I'm glad I got to sing in my last conference. Also I'm glad I got to hear the Last testimonies of hna Gardner and hna Hartline who are from my ccm group. The spirit was very strong and I can see how far we've all come from a year and a half ago. Its incredible. I cried as I gave my last testimony in the conference. But I felt like I said all I wanted to say. 
here's the short version of what I said-

"I know that all that we as missionaries teach and all that we represent, is true. I love being a missionary, and I love the Lord."

Marcia y Natalia

We taught about Fasting this week with our wonderful familia Aramayo!! They are progressing so well!! We invited them to participate in a Fast with us this last Thursday and it was really cool to be able to do that with them. I'd never fasted with an investigator before so it was very special to learn that they both had successfully completed the 24 hour fast. They have so much faith I love them!! I feel like they are really growing in their faith so much. I'm so happy for them.


This week i feel like me and hna Murdock have been able to put into practice the new ministering concept. As missionaries we always don't seem to have a lot of time to do all the things. But we made brownie balls for some of our ward leaders this week and delivered them just to be able to say thanks and show them that they are loved, and we feel that it has really made a difference in the ward. I feel good because I feel like even though I'm not prefect, at least the things that we do do are meaningful things. So I hope that everyone can work on their ministering skills. Make sure to always do good things out of LOVE. Love the people. Do things that have meaning. Even if they're small. By small things great things come to pass. But those small things have to matter.

Hna Murdock

hna Murdock is doing great!! She keeps surprising me with how well she's progressing! She's a very brave person and she has so many wonderful ideas. I know she is blessing this ward so much and I'm glad to know that I'll be leaving Guaracal in great hands. Her Spanish is very good and she's learning more every day. She's a brave person and a strong missionary and I love her very  much! I feel very blessed to be her trainer.

Love from the Ward

So yesterday we were pleasantly surprised! After church one of the members who is a great friend invited us over to her house to "help her move some things" we said yes, suspiciously sounding as it was and we were surpised with a lovely sign that said " love from the missionaries shows us the love of the Savior" or something like that and lots of treats and balloons. We felt very loved and I wanted to cry. I love this ward and I'm glad that they feel loved
I've also learned that every ward is different and you cant work the same on one ward as you did in the other. I think the way to this wards heart is: Food. ha ha 

Well this weeks gonna be great! and we are gonna be VERY busy! i hope y'all will do the same!!

love y'all!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

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