Monday, November 13, 2017

¡¡¡ONE YEAR!!! ¿¿WHAT??

Who even am I? hahahaha anyways A cant believe a year as a missionary has already passed. I feel like I just got here but at the same time I've also kind of forgotten what the States are even like. What is life??
Me and hna Gardner a pretty tripped out about it. THERES LIKE NO TIME LEFT ONLY 6 MONTHS OMIGHOSSH
"THATS NOT ENOUGH TIME!" (that reference is for you Connor) 

But ya that's pretty crazy, anyways.

So this last Monday was cool cuz we had a zone activity and we watched Big Hero Six on a GIANT HD TV in a members house with SURROUND SOUND it was LEGIT. We also had ENORMOUS pizzas for dinner too. It was really fun we have a great zone :) there's a pic right before we blessed the food. 

We also had a multi-zona conference again. Me and hna Gardner and some other companionship's were asked to give another music number. It went well. 
 There some pics with the hermanas in Tarija below.

We also had a super awesome activity a "mini-CCM" !  Which was like kinda a "day as a missionary" type thing for the members to come participate. We had the morning as a training segment and we had both breakfast and lunch provided by our ward mission leader (who apparently is a chef??) and in the afternoon we all went out to proselyte :D I went on divisions with my comp and it was so cool to work with the members  and watch em share the gospel and also it was cool to see how much I've actually learned and changed as a missionary. 
Afterward we had a great testimony meeting and everyone really liked it. We took a picture with everyone and their "future missionary" name tags on. Now we have 53 REFERENCES TO CONTACT OMIGOSH. It was a big success!!

Well that's all for now sorry I don't have a lot of time,
as a challenge this week I challenge you guys to give a reference to the missionaries in your ward (name phone number and address of a friend or family member who's less active or not a member) I know y'all can do it! It is the best way for the missionaries to share the gospel : through the members!! 

Love you guys have a great week!
Tarija, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

Happy Hallooooweeeeeennnn!

Hey guys! So its been a great week this week!
also happy late halloweeeeeeennn!! apparently some people try to be cool and celebrate Halloween here but like a week early.- idk I don't get it and neither does anyone else in Bolivia but we did see a scary clown guy and three scary children. So that made a fairly good Halloween experience.


We did a lot of service activities this week!
We helped our investigator clean her garden and she has a huge orange tree that she cant get the oranges from cuz they re all up really high so we used a giant stick and harvested about 9 oranges for her and she totally let us keep them!! We made some fresh orange juice. It was like taking a vitamin c shot it was so orange-y. My companion got pretty dang excited about fresh orange juice so we took pics.

We also found an old investigator again and helped her make ribbons! like the ones you put on gifts? She made these wreaths for "todos santos" which is the Bolivian say where they honor the dead by going
 to clean their tomb( cuz they don't bury people here they are all in little houses. The cemetery's are really different.) and they also make all the dead persons favorite food and leave it out on the table because they believe that the person comes and eats it. They leave it out all day and the next day they through out perishables and eat the rest. Its a Catholic tradition here. 
But that was my Halloween this week. Our area limit is right in front of one of the two cemeteries in town so one side of our area was like a ghost town with all the shops closed and the other neighborhood had about 200 cars crowded in the streets.

We were contacting that night and we met a cool lady who was sitting on her front doorstep while everyone else was walking to the cemetery for the festivities.
I walked up to her and introduced ourselves and asked one of my go to starter questions "do you believe in Jesus Christ?"  They answer is usually like "of course" but surprisingly this lady was like "not much" and so we sat down on the sidewalk and talked to her for a while. Shes really cool and totally prepared for the Gospel. 

We also have a great investigator named Sylvia who is progressing wonderfully!!! We spent like a hour last night explaining to her how to pay fast offerings and tithing but she understood the math finally and she doesn't have a problem with it! Shes awesome. Tithing is a bit more complicated when you go out to sell everyday and don't get a regular income.

Anyways its been a really good week and I can see a lot more progression in our area which I'm really happy about. When I got here we had no one to teach and now we have a whole bunch of good people! #hardwork #preachthegospel #lotsoffaith #missionofmiracles

Sorry for the hashtags. But seriously

Oh and we finally MOVED and its SO MUCH BETTER. We have such a better spirit in our house and we don't have to listen to our landlord yelling all the time
and the best part is we live in our bishops house now! and on the bottom floor lives another family of members!!!! Our whole building is members! Its pretty cool.

Also fun fact: our ward is called 4th of July right? and we have the neighborhood 4th of July in our area and also there is literally always illegal fireworks going off and we have a WHOLE STREET of basically just BBQ places and to finish it off our bishops name it Julio. Translated bishop JULY. #america #freedom #theperfectplacefor2gringastobe

Love y'all! Help out the missionaries this week! and reach out to people!!!

Love from Tarija, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

Thursday, November 2, 2017

buenas tardes todos mis amigos y familiares!

So this week was really good. We're seeing a lot of progress in our area and in our investigators. 

I'd like to share my testimony with you guys bout a few things. The Light of the Gospel, The Holy Spirit, and The Book of Mormon.

First, the light the Restored Gospel brings to someones life is very much real. I have seen incredible changes in people, when the understand even the smallest part of this wonderful message we have to share with the world. Their life truly starts to change for the happier and I actually can physically see the more light a person has when they receive these things into their life. 
Darkness is only an absence of light. Its not actually a literal thing but the world often wants to make us think that darkness is there now. This is a lie. Do not ignore the light. Do not ignore its existence just because you choose to keep the curtains closed. Open the curtains, let the light flood in. Darkness will vanish away and you will be filled with light that only gets brighter and brighter until that perfect day.  Seek darkness and you will get lost in it. Seek light and it will come in abundance. 

The Holy Spirit
also called the Comforter. The power the spirit has to protect and guide you is so incredibly real. If we live our lives worthy to have the constant companionship of The Spirit, we will indeed have that. Not at every moment though will we realize that he is there but in those moments that we don't expect to come, when tragedy strikes, we can have in that exact moment the comfort of The Spirit, protecting our soul and our heart and we can know of a surety that while the waves of tragedy crash down on us, we are anchored securely and wont be washed away in the tide. This way, living a life with The Spirit and centered in Christ, we can live happiness and faith, instead of fear.

The Book of Mormon
"if you do not yet have a testimony of these thing, do that which is necessary to obtain one... if you are not reading the Book of Mormon every day, please do so."
-President Thomas S. Monson.
I know the book is true. Please read it and ask God if it is true. Ask with faith true intention and a sincere heart, and the spirit will tell you that it is.

I know these things are true.

Love you guys! from Tarija Bolivia.
please take care of yourselves this week. I forward some fotos.

lots of love

hermana brown

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thank You

Thank you for you love
Thank you for you sweet spirit
Thank you for your peaceful words and positive and joyful countenance
Thank you for bringing us together, as a family.
We have so much to thank you for,
You established a place of peace, and support and love whenever we were together.
You have been a ministering angel to so many children of God that have been in need.
You follow and believe in Christ and you loved everyone.
I don't  know how you could have been so patient, so caring, so gracious, so inspirational, so full of charity and Christ like love.
You are whom I hope to learn how to be. 

The Plan of Salvation explains that there are three kingdoms of glory-- each being represented to have varying degrees of light. 
 The celestial kingdom, compared to the light of the sun. which is incomprehensible, bright and marvelous.
The terrestial kingdom, with that comparison to the light of the moon. 
and the telestial, who's light is that of the stars.

How much light we possess defines who we are. I think everyone, LDS or not, can understand and see how different people in this world have different types of light in them. Good, moral and godly things bring us more light. Ungodly or dark things, dims that light which we have. In this life, we must follow Christ, and keep commandments of God, and have charity, so that in that last day, we can shine with our light that has grown to  a celestial degree.

Anyone who knows Grandma Nora, I think would agree, that she is a celestial soul. 

Thank you Grandma Nora, for shining to the world like a city on a hill top. and always sharing you light that we might shine along with you.

Thank you Grandma Nora, for always being a blessing.
I know that families are eternal and I know I will see you again.
Until then, I promise strive to become as celestial as you have shown me how to be.
Thank you for everything.
I love you Nora.

And to all of the family, trust in God. The Spirit is the Comforter and We will be together again with Nora.

 Keep seeking the Light.

with lots of love and prayer,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Buenos Tardes!

Hey guys! Buenos tardes!!

So this week we had a zone activity the last Monday, it was awesome! We all went to a big river "San Pedro Del Sol" or something like that. We hiked over all the cool rocks and skipped rocks and had empanadas /salteñas and juice for a little picnic. It was cool, but I slipped like three times and got my shoes SOAKED. It was really cool though. We had a rock throwing competition and took some cool pics. apparently close by in those mountains,  there's an Inca road that the Incas built that you can go check out. Our guide also told us a pretty amazing conversion story, and his missionary was like the son of Bruce R. McConkie and he also tried to tell us that little mariachi dwarves  live in the woods around the river. He was a cool guy. There were dome dogs that hiked with us. They were chill. The guide pushed one into the water and said "ya esta bautizada". It was funny but also kinda mean ha ha. 
There's pics attached. 

I also found an AWESOME missionary skirt when we were helping out a member organize the clothes she sells. I bought it from her for 25 bs (bolivianos ). She's a cool lady. We were also able to help her out cuz shes got two kids in the mission and not a lot of money at all. She was worried but we were able to help her faith. She's a strong lady, her name's Berta.
We also taught a great lesson to one of our investigators with a date for the 28th. We were on FIRE in that lesson! #TESTIFY. She told us she had no desire to listen to any religious person before, but now she wants to listen to us. so cool!

My companion also almost actually died this week. I was in the kitchen when she came out of the shower and I just hear her slip and fall pretty hard. I ran over to her and she was okay, but her watch was broke and she was pretty sore but there's a step down from the bathroom to the floor. She seriously could have broken her neck. It was scary but shes okay. She bought a new watch today. 
Also, I had a spiritual prompting to cross the street one night just as a drunk guy tried to kinda grab us. My companion luckily followed my lead and we avoided the situation. I feel like we've been pretty protected this week. The Lord protects his missionaries. 
We also learned a bit of Quechua this week!!! ñoka llamakumi Hermana Brown! 

We had a multi zone conference too this week with Pte Rodriguez! It was cool, cuz we were asked to prepare a special musical # and we called another companionship of hnas like last minute and put a cool half a capella version of come thou fount in Spanish together. Everyone liked it alot. 

Also on Saturday we got to attend two baptisms (not ours but still cool) one for our own ward and then also we went to Pan Americana ward to see the baptism of a girl who I actually helped to teach! Her testimony was so strong! and it was a beautiful service! I felt really blessed to have been able to participate a bit in her conversion! Her name is Roxanna Martinez. We sang a number for her baptism too and another investigator there asked us if we could sing at her baptism too in a few weeks. ha ha.

 Also in the last few weeks we have figured out a lot of creative ways to cook baked goods without an oven. For example: we make scrambled brownies in a frying pan (not pretty but it tastes delicious!) and chocolate chip cookies in our George Foreman sandwich toaster. We like to bake hahaha. Its pretty funny. I'm improving my peanut butter recipe too. 

We have a music class going on that's pretty popular with the ward. Its fun for me and my companion to work together and applying our talents to help people! 

I know that every person is given special talents that they can use to do a lot of good in the world. I know that the worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God and that as children of a Loving God, we have divine potential to accomplish great things.

"I can do hard things!!"

I love you guys! I challenge y'all this week to share a video that you like from! they've got some cool vids.

Also in remembrance of Elder Robert D Hales this week, remember that in whatever journey your own right now, whatever goal you have, make your motto "Return with Honor". 
love you guys! 
Tarija Bolivia
Hermana Brown




-pics from the river
-a very inspirational quote looking tree on the mountainside
-pics from conference
-a lunch this week called "dog soup" they make a soup for their dog food here its weird. our version had a whole shelled boiled egg in it. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Alrighty so I hope y'all had an awesome conference week!
So I'm attaching pics to when me and hna Gardner went to "La Copa" a couple weeks ago. It was really cool  you can see all of Tarija. It was really windy. Also a pic of me reading my scriptures during language study (trying) to understand the Quechua Book of Mormon my comp has by using my Spanish and my English scriptures ha ha it was chill. I'm pretty sure "wampus" is Quechua for "fool".
Apart from that I really loved how they revisited the importance of the Book of Mormon in this conference. So I'd like to share with y'all this link to a cool video that explains the BOM in 60 seconds with some awesome art too.
Check it out!
And I'd also like to share my testimony of the BOM with you guys!
I KNOW that it is true. I know that it was revealed though the power of God alone. And that it is His Word. It supports the bible and clarifies the teachings of Christ. It contains the entirety of the His Gospel. By reading and studying it we can come much much much closer to our Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ. We can understand so much more about Christ when we read it. Because every page testifies of him. This Book does not and was never intended to replace the Bible but to be a second witness to the Truth of our Saviour. That He IS our Saviour! He IS the great Jehovah, and he is the long awaited Saviour of the world. He came unto his own and they rejected Him. He suffered for every one of us in the garden of Gethsemane and he died on the cross and defeated death for all of us by resurrecting on the third day. HE LIVES! He is the Son of God and Prince of Peace. His arms are outstretched continually towards us and He is calling us to come home. He will receive you, if you only turn to Him. He is the Good Shepard. He will lead you home. His Love is eternal.
I know these things are true and it has changed my life and He has changed me. I know this knowledge brings true happiness and peace that every person wants in their life and so, every person wants truly this the restored gospel in their life. and every person can know, with a surety that these things are true, by reading The Book of Mormon. which is sure evidence of our Saviour and of the Plan of Salvation. Please read it, and pray, and know and live. I promise you wont ever regret it. I know these things are true because I have done it myself and I testify of them in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers. I hope you will all know this week that you are children of a loving Heavenly Father, who wants the best for you. I hope you may all listen to His instruction.
Till next week

Love from Tarija Bolivia

Monday, September 18, 2017

10 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?

Hey guys, I'd like to start this email with an inspirational quote of the week:
"If God had a bedroom, you would be in a photo on his nightstand."
Alright so I guess I'll start with the story that goes with that quote.
So we were knocking doors and one door we knocked an old man answered but when he opened the door and saw us he jumped back and yelled in shock!
We literally gave him a good scare? Then he asked us if we spoke English or Spanish and we said both and then he started talking to us in perfect English??? It was really weird. He lives in both Santa Monica, California and Tarija, Bolivia and he is half Jew half Mexican but was converted to a Protestant church when he had a vision of Jesus and used to be a prophet apparently. He had an earring. And he had read an anti Mormon biography on Joseph Smith. But apart from that he was quite nice and pretty funny. He had some interesting views but he listened to our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and reasonably accepted our invitation to read it and ask God if its true. It was cool, but weird cuz we spoke in English and it was kinda hard for me and my comp to remember how to teach in English ha ha.
On other news: 10 MONNNNNNNTTTHHHSS!! WHAAAATATTT?!?!?!?! It was cool to have my comp and I complete 10 months on the same day. We had french toast to celebrate. It was weird.
We also taught the relief society how to make peanut butter this week. It was really great.
We had a lot of awesome work this week and me and hna Gardner are having a great time together! At one point Pimienta followed us again but with 4 OTHER FRIENDS we were being followed by a gang of 5 dogs at one point, what is happening.
Last p day
We went to the paleantioligical museum (I'm not gonna try to spell it right I'm sorry)

This last p day! It was super cool! Apparently Tarija is actually a hot spot with a LOT of the worlds dinosaur bones! The one of the big skeleton (pic attached) was found in the park right next to our bishops house!! and we also saw some cool minerals and some stuff from ancient Americans (Lamanites!!) one pic I've attached is a pretty sick picture of a really well preserved baby mummy. also some human skulls (one looks like he died from getting his head bashed in). It was some pretty legit stuff. Hna Gardner did ceramics a lot so she was excited about all the ceramic jars. We also passed by "la casa dorada" which is on the back of the twenty boliviano bill. It's very dorado. We're going to tour the inside another day. we also bought our own mate pors! It was a really fun day! I'm glad my comp likes to go out and sight see on p days! We're going to "la copa" today.
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers they give me strength and hope! Please pray for those caught in the natural disasters too! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god and I know that I am doing his great and marvelous work in Tarija Bolivia! I know that God loves us and wants our eternal happiness and that the plan of salvation is true! I know that families can be together forever and it is all possible because Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. I am so eternally grateful for these things. I am happy.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope you ll all do your personal scripture study and prayer and also go to church this week! You can do it! (that's an invitation to everyone with whatever beliefs or religion)
love you guys!
Tariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijaaaaaaaaaaaa, Bolivia

Hermana Brown