Thursday, October 12, 2017

Buenos Tardes!

Hey guys! Buenos tardes!!

So this week we had a zone activity the last Monday, it was awesome! We all went to a big river "San Pedro Del Sol" or something like that. We hiked over all the cool rocks and skipped rocks and had empanadas /salteñas and juice for a little picnic. It was cool, but I slipped like three times and got my shoes SOAKED. It was really cool though. We had a rock throwing competition and took some cool pics. apparently close by in those mountains,  there's an Inca road that the Incas built that you can go check out. Our guide also told us a pretty amazing conversion story, and his missionary was like the son of Bruce R. McConkie and he also tried to tell us that little mariachi dwarves  live in the woods around the river. He was a cool guy. There were dome dogs that hiked with us. They were chill. The guide pushed one into the water and said "ya esta bautizada". It was funny but also kinda mean ha ha. 
There's pics attached. 

I also found an AWESOME missionary skirt when we were helping out a member organize the clothes she sells. I bought it from her for 25 bs (bolivianos ). She's a cool lady. We were also able to help her out cuz shes got two kids in the mission and not a lot of money at all. She was worried but we were able to help her faith. She's a strong lady, her name's Berta.
We also taught a great lesson to one of our investigators with a date for the 28th. We were on FIRE in that lesson! #TESTIFY. She told us she had no desire to listen to any religious person before, but now she wants to listen to us. so cool!

My companion also almost actually died this week. I was in the kitchen when she came out of the shower and I just hear her slip and fall pretty hard. I ran over to her and she was okay, but her watch was broke and she was pretty sore but there's a step down from the bathroom to the floor. She seriously could have broken her neck. It was scary but shes okay. She bought a new watch today. 
Also, I had a spiritual prompting to cross the street one night just as a drunk guy tried to kinda grab us. My companion luckily followed my lead and we avoided the situation. I feel like we've been pretty protected this week. The Lord protects his missionaries. 
We also learned a bit of Quechua this week!!! ñoka llamakumi Hermana Brown! 

We had a multi zone conference too this week with Pte Rodriguez! It was cool, cuz we were asked to prepare a special musical # and we called another companionship of hnas like last minute and put a cool half a capella version of come thou fount in Spanish together. Everyone liked it alot. 

Also on Saturday we got to attend two baptisms (not ours but still cool) one for our own ward and then also we went to Pan Americana ward to see the baptism of a girl who I actually helped to teach! Her testimony was so strong! and it was a beautiful service! I felt really blessed to have been able to participate a bit in her conversion! Her name is Roxanna Martinez. We sang a number for her baptism too and another investigator there asked us if we could sing at her baptism too in a few weeks. ha ha.

 Also in the last few weeks we have figured out a lot of creative ways to cook baked goods without an oven. For example: we make scrambled brownies in a frying pan (not pretty but it tastes delicious!) and chocolate chip cookies in our George Foreman sandwich toaster. We like to bake hahaha. Its pretty funny. I'm improving my peanut butter recipe too. 

We have a music class going on that's pretty popular with the ward. Its fun for me and my companion to work together and applying our talents to help people! 

I know that every person is given special talents that they can use to do a lot of good in the world. I know that the worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God and that as children of a Loving God, we have divine potential to accomplish great things.

"I can do hard things!!"

I love you guys! I challenge y'all this week to share a video that you like from! they've got some cool vids.

Also in remembrance of Elder Robert D Hales this week, remember that in whatever journey your own right now, whatever goal you have, make your motto "Return with Honor". 
love you guys! 
Tarija Bolivia
Hermana Brown




-pics from the river
-a very inspirational quote looking tree on the mountainside
-pics from conference
-a lunch this week called "dog soup" they make a soup for their dog food here its weird. our version had a whole shelled boiled egg in it. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Alrighty so I hope y'all had an awesome conference week!
So I'm attaching pics to when me and hna Gardner went to "La Copa" a couple weeks ago. It was really cool  you can see all of Tarija. It was really windy. Also a pic of me reading my scriptures during language study (trying) to understand the Quechua Book of Mormon my comp has by using my Spanish and my English scriptures ha ha it was chill. I'm pretty sure "wampus" is Quechua for "fool".
Apart from that I really loved how they revisited the importance of the Book of Mormon in this conference. So I'd like to share with y'all this link to a cool video that explains the BOM in 60 seconds with some awesome art too.
Check it out!
And I'd also like to share my testimony of the BOM with you guys!
I KNOW that it is true. I know that it was revealed though the power of God alone. And that it is His Word. It supports the bible and clarifies the teachings of Christ. It contains the entirety of the His Gospel. By reading and studying it we can come much much much closer to our Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ. We can understand so much more about Christ when we read it. Because every page testifies of him. This Book does not and was never intended to replace the Bible but to be a second witness to the Truth of our Saviour. That He IS our Saviour! He IS the great Jehovah, and he is the long awaited Saviour of the world. He came unto his own and they rejected Him. He suffered for every one of us in the garden of Gethsemane and he died on the cross and defeated death for all of us by resurrecting on the third day. HE LIVES! He is the Son of God and Prince of Peace. His arms are outstretched continually towards us and He is calling us to come home. He will receive you, if you only turn to Him. He is the Good Shepard. He will lead you home. His Love is eternal.
I know these things are true and it has changed my life and He has changed me. I know this knowledge brings true happiness and peace that every person wants in their life and so, every person wants truly this the restored gospel in their life. and every person can know, with a surety that these things are true, by reading The Book of Mormon. which is sure evidence of our Saviour and of the Plan of Salvation. Please read it, and pray, and know and live. I promise you wont ever regret it. I know these things are true because I have done it myself and I testify of them in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers. I hope you will all know this week that you are children of a loving Heavenly Father, who wants the best for you. I hope you may all listen to His instruction.
Till next week

Love from Tarija Bolivia

Monday, September 18, 2017

10 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?

Hey guys, I'd like to start this email with an inspirational quote of the week:
"If God had a bedroom, you would be in a photo on his nightstand."
Alright so I guess I'll start with the story that goes with that quote.
So we were knocking doors and one door we knocked an old man answered but when he opened the door and saw us he jumped back and yelled in shock!
We literally gave him a good scare? Then he asked us if we spoke English or Spanish and we said both and then he started talking to us in perfect English??? It was really weird. He lives in both Santa Monica, California and Tarija, Bolivia and he is half Jew half Mexican but was converted to a Protestant church when he had a vision of Jesus and used to be a prophet apparently. He had an earring. And he had read an anti Mormon biography on Joseph Smith. But apart from that he was quite nice and pretty funny. He had some interesting views but he listened to our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and reasonably accepted our invitation to read it and ask God if its true. It was cool, but weird cuz we spoke in English and it was kinda hard for me and my comp to remember how to teach in English ha ha.
On other news: 10 MONNNNNNNTTTHHHSS!! WHAAAATATTT?!?!?!?! It was cool to have my comp and I complete 10 months on the same day. We had french toast to celebrate. It was weird.
We also taught the relief society how to make peanut butter this week. It was really great.
We had a lot of awesome work this week and me and hna Gardner are having a great time together! At one point Pimienta followed us again but with 4 OTHER FRIENDS we were being followed by a gang of 5 dogs at one point, what is happening.
Last p day
We went to the paleantioligical museum (I'm not gonna try to spell it right I'm sorry)

This last p day! It was super cool! Apparently Tarija is actually a hot spot with a LOT of the worlds dinosaur bones! The one of the big skeleton (pic attached) was found in the park right next to our bishops house!! and we also saw some cool minerals and some stuff from ancient Americans (Lamanites!!) one pic I've attached is a pretty sick picture of a really well preserved baby mummy. also some human skulls (one looks like he died from getting his head bashed in). It was some pretty legit stuff. Hna Gardner did ceramics a lot so she was excited about all the ceramic jars. We also passed by "la casa dorada" which is on the back of the twenty boliviano bill. It's very dorado. We're going to tour the inside another day. we also bought our own mate pors! It was a really fun day! I'm glad my comp likes to go out and sight see on p days! We're going to "la copa" today.
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers they give me strength and hope! Please pray for those caught in the natural disasters too! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god and I know that I am doing his great and marvelous work in Tarija Bolivia! I know that God loves us and wants our eternal happiness and that the plan of salvation is true! I know that families can be together forever and it is all possible because Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. I am so eternally grateful for these things. I am happy.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope you ll all do your personal scripture study and prayer and also go to church this week! You can do it! (that's an invitation to everyone with whatever beliefs or religion)
love you guys!
Tariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijaaaaaaaaaaaa, Bolivia

Hermana Brown

Monday, September 11, 2017

You Learn All Sorts of New Skills in The Mission

SHOOT! sorry this email is from LAST week! i guess i forgot to press send :C soryyyyyy.

OK guys! so I got some new news and some old news that I forgot to write hahaha.
First of the old news: a number of weeks ago I completed HALF MY MISSION!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?! How'd that happen? todo es locura.
9 months and almost at 10 WHATTTTTTIi need to get WORKINGGGG hahaha.
On other newer news, WE HAD CAMBIOS! Hermana Herrera went to ward Paraiso which is close by, and guess who is my new companion who came from Santa Cruz only NOW just leaving her first area?!?!? HERMANA GARDNER!!! woo! She was in my CCM group! and actually we were comps for a bout half a day in  our first day in the CCM. this cambio's gonna be awesome because were gonna work SUPER HARD! woo!
English class
We had our first English class this last Friday and even though the relief society president and the bishop and his three little sons showed up, it went SUPER well! They were all actually pretty awesome and great at learning. and my comp told me that I was a good teacher afterward (better than her teacher from high school  jaja) which is nice to hear because I don't actually have any idea what I'm doing. We learned the alphabet and a basic get to know you conversation. It was cool! 
I think were going to have a lot more people in our next class!
Familia Correa
Were teaching a wonderful family who now have a bautismal date and we had a super spiritual and awesome experience this last week with the single mom Janeth where we taught her "a proclamation to the world" and temples. After reading through it, I asked her if those things are something she wants to have and she said yes. I promised here she could find them in The Church of Christ. It was very special. I hope you all will read the proclamation this week its beautiful. #goals
Janeth also now has goals to go to the temple. She is a very special person. :)
We found some really friendly and wonderful new investigators this week that I'm really excited to teach!
You Learn All Sorts Of New Skills In The Mission
So Tarija doesn't have a big super market Hipermaxi like Santa Cruz where a simple gringa can go to find her favorite American sabores, for example: Peanut Butter.
They've got lots of peanuts here but mantaquilla de mani is just not a thing. 
So whats a choca like me to do??
Learn how to make her own obviously!!!
I'm actually pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to MAKE PEANUT BUTTER. 
That certainly was never something I thought I would be able to do. It's cool, we all have so much potential to do things that we never thought we could do, if we just get up and try to do it. 
My comp enjoyed the peanut butter. I'll attach a picture of my creation.
Things I've Learned
Well I have this prompting to talk about something I learned a lot about over these last 6 weeks. 
It's about those of us who feel, inadequate, unprepared, like we don't do much or anything, or that we don't make a deference, or that we aren't doing all that we could be doing.
These disappointing thoughts are not uncommon. As a missionary, I get them a lot. 
But somethings I've learned and am changing in myself are two Christlike attributes:
Diligence and Patience.
Here is what I've learned and has helped me and  the Spirit testifies to me that they are true-
Be diligent, keep working. if you know what you want, be diligent in doing the little and consistent things that will get you to that goal. It probably won't come as fast as you'd like, but if you keep working and stay diligent, it WILL undoubtedly come. don't give up. that is the only way it will NOT come. 
Be patient primarily, with YOURSELF. I feel like what is true for me could be common for others as well- whenever I lose patience with someone else, it's usually because I have first already lost patience with myself.
I have lost my self confidence or iIcompare my weaknesses to others strength. I'm not fair to myself.
To all of you who may have had these similar feelings, I'll quote elder Dieter F. Uchtedorf, 
YOU are a child of God! YOU have DIVINE POTENTIAL and you CAN DO IT. The only thing stopping you is you. Keep working. Things come in their own time, in gods time. have hope for that future that is as bright as your faith.
YOU are loved by He that is almighty, and he gives you challenges because he knows that you can handle them.
This is a phrase I'm going to work on remembering and that can help you guys to remember too:
Tell yourself, "I CAN DO HARD THINGS"
That's the truth. There's nothing stopping you. Keep working at it. You can do hard things. 
I love you guys and I believe in each and every one of you! 
Thank you for all you prayers. They give me the strength i need every day.
God always answers prayers. iIsee that every day.
When you feel like you cant do it, Ask for His help. and he will answer "immediately"
Ironic tile in our apartment haha

when life gives you mani, make montiquilla de mani!

Have a wonderful week everyone,
Love from Tarija, Bolivia <3
Hermana Brown


On Tuesday we were walking we didn't do ANYTHING but this little salt and pepper colored dog started tailing us!! He wouldn't leave us alone! he come to lunch with us and also a couple of lessons. People were like "is this your dog" and we were like "NO!" Finally we noticed he'd lost us hahahaha But then Friday we walked up to our investigators house and HE WAS THERE!!! AHHHHG He found us and followed us again but this time with a friiieennndd. We were like Snow White being followed by like all the neighborhood dogs. We named him Pimienta. It's against my nature to kick dogs, but I forcefully nudged this one a number of times.
Other than that my comp hna Gardner is the best and we've got some great plans for this cambio! Including music classes, a choir, English classes and were gonna teach the relief society how to make peanut butter this week! We've got some pretty great investigators too!
I know this is the work of the Lord! he Lives! and we are children of God!
I love you all and I hope you will all remember your divine potential and identity this week!
thank you for the prayers they help a lot!
love you guys!
love and luck from Tarija Bolivia,
Hermana Brown

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

No Hay Tiempo!

Hey everyone! Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write this weeeeeeeekkkkk! I'm soryyyyyyyy but what I learned this week was pretty awesome! I learned that its SO important to do everything you can to have the Spirit with you! If you make that your first priority everything else will follow! and specifically for  missionaries we cant teach without it! 
I've been trying to focus on creating that spiritual environment better and that starts with waking up at 7 am in the morning every day! Not just in discussions!
Also, miracles happen! Heres' one that I wrote to my mission president this week. It's in Spanish sorry but y'all can put it into Google translate probably....
con eso quiero compartir un milagro que vi este semana:
estabamos muy cansadas, hemos tocado puertas todo el tarde y todos nuestros citas cayeron. pero nuestro unico deseo era para encontrar por lo menos, una persona buena. caminando por un calle que siempre tiene muchos personas, con planes para contactar hasta neccesitamos ir al consejo, pasamos un madre con sus hijas sentando a fuera de su casa. hablamos con ellas, y al principio estaban un poco cerrada, pero sigimos hablando con ellas, preguntando de su vida, familia y intereses. y eventualmente nos reconocieron como representantes de Jesucristo. por que la mamá abrió su corazon y hablo de los desafios de su familia. y nos invitó a pasar y enseñar! mientras enseñando la restauración, la mamá salió por un rato y su hija de 17 años nos contó su propio perpectivo de un familia roto. lloró, y compartió su testimonio que er simple pero sincero de jesucristo. 
segimos enseñando y buena leccion y cuando salimos, indiviualmente, nos agradacieron por veniendo a su casa. vamos a volver este semana. milagros pasa, mayormente cuando piensa que no van a pasar. tenga fe y solo siga trabajando. 
eso es lo que apprendi este semana. siga trabajando.

Ok thats all I really have time for right now. I'm trying my best to work hard and I know that this is the work of god! 

Scripture!! Alma 17:11

Love you all and thank you for your prayers! they always help!

Love and Luck from Tarija, Bolivia!
Hermana Brown

-our dessert one lunch, half a papaya with yogurt and cerel. it was good!
-Saice! the tarijan dish!
-pics from watching rey leon with maté and pancakes with hermana vega y hermana gonovilca!
also the view from the tp of their building.

chau <3
Traanslated Version:
with that I want to share a miracle which I saw this week: we were very tired, have played Gates throughout the afternoon and all our appointments fell. but our only wish was to find at least one good person. walking down a street that has many people, with plans to contact up to neccesitamos go to the Council, we had a mother with her daughters sitting outside their House. We speak with them, and at first they were a bit closed, but sigimos speaking with them, asking his life, family and interests. and eventually we  were recognized as representatives of Jesus Christ. MOM opened her heart and I talk about the challenges of his family. and invited us to go and teach them! While teaching the restoration, MOM came out for a while and her 17-year-old daughter told us his own perpectivo of a family broken. She cried and shared his testimony than simple but sincere er of Jesus Christ.  segimos teaching and good lesson.   We are going to return this week. miracles happens mostly when you think will not happen. have faith and just keep working.  that's what apprendi this week. continue to work.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tarijans Love Potatoes Too Much

Hey guys!
 This week was hard but I learned a ton about patience and love and that patriarchal blessings can be an amazing source of strength and hope as was mine for me this week.
I don't want to talk much about the struggles this week cuz that no fun but just so y'all know every struggle I faced I also received some pretty amazing assurances from my Heavenly Father that everythings going to be alright.

One of the funny things that happened this week is our pensionista made lunch called pido de papa, which was a side salad with about 4 whole potatoes and 2 whole sweet potatoes on one plate. It was very good but I couldn't eat all the potatoes. It is one of my favorite plates now though it is very healthy. The people like quinoa here a lot. 

Also my testimony.
This week I know that this is the great and marvelous work of the Lord and I'm exactly where I need to be right now in my life doing exactly what I should be doing. And we are all daughter and sons of God who loves us and knows us each individually. 
This is his one true church. and the message of the restored gospel is a happy one. That families can be eternal and that Christ lives and God still talks to his children on earth. There is room for the Gospel in every persons life and ever person needs to hear it. If you are someone who has a testimony of these things (a big one or a small one, simple or grand) share it with someone, with anyone. Help the missionaries in your ward, they need it. And share the happy news of the restored gospel with anyone who will listen. "every member a missionary".
I love you guys. I hope all is well in your lives. Keep calm and carry on. 
Thank you for your prayers they always help a ton.
miracles happen, love and luck from Tarija, Bolivia,
Hermana Brown