Monday, March 19, 2018


Hey everyone, don't have a lot of time but here's some things that I think are important that y'all should know.

Just thought I'd state that as a straight up fact, cuz it is. Something I read in the Liahona magazine really kinda changed my life. In it a member from Philadelphia states that, "the truth is the truth, you don't need to prove it our persuade it, it just is." or something along those lines (I read it in Spanish originally, so I'm translating.) but it has helped my missionary teaching a lot. Honestly, as someone called to preach the gospel, I don't have anything to prove. I just have A LOT to share. Because the Gospel of Christ IS restored and it IS the truth, whether a person accepts it or not, doesn't change the fact that it is still true. So I just want all of you to know that I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, IS the true church of God on the Earth, because he is the one leading it and His Priesthood authority has also been restored! Joseph Smith WAS a true prophet of God who truly did see the Father and the Son in a vision and truly translated the  Book of Mormon through the Power and revelation from God. The Gospel blesses families, and Families CAN be forever. 
These things are all simple truths. and I know it because Ive asked of God, and received an answer though the holy spirit. and I cannot deny it. Because it is simply true.

I invite all of you, member of the church, or not, to find these things out for yourselves. Read the Book yourselves. Ask of God. Have faith that he will answer. 
And you will find the same truth that I have because it is a truth that is eternal because it truly is from one eternal God.

James 1:5

I love you all, have a great week and don't forget to do your personal prayers and scripture study every day this week! helps a lot!

Love from Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

-pic: the hypermaxi supermarket set up for Easter. this is the bon o bon brand that has monopolized the Easter season. #chocolate

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Baptism!!

Hey guys! so we had a baptism this week!!!

This week has been kind of stressful but its been a miracle! In one week we had to teach all the lessons to Marcelo so that he could be baptized this Saturday. It went well because Marcelo is a super intelligent kid! He understood all of the lessons perfectly and the experience really made me realize how this is God's work and no one else's because we really didn't do anything. But miracles happened everyday so that we could find him all of the days and that all his family could show up to the baptism. I'm very grateful that I could participate in this wonderful experience. Marcelo and his family recently moved into the ward from Cochabamba, and they are a great family! Picture attached.

We also had inter-cambios this week and I got to spend a day with hna Albornoz, she's from Argentina. (I'm always put with the Argentinians ha ha) but she's super cool, she lives right next to Paraguay so she has the best of both worlds with both Mate ( from Argentina) and Tereré (from Paraguay) as a part of her city's culture. She showed me how to drink tereré which is more like ice tea. It's really good but I think I still like mate better. (mate is hot). 

Well that's basically it for this week. I'm doing well and working hard! Love the mission! Miss you guys!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

Monday, February 26, 2018

Photos Photos Y Mas Photos!

OK so this week imma be nice and give y'all a photo update over the past like 5 weeks. 
There are photos from p day where me and hna Rayme had papa johns delivered.

Also our carnaval p day where I showed her NACHOS. Delicious!! We were so full we couldn't breath after eating them! I forgot how heavy they were! But man do I miss Mexican food.
Also fotos from our zone and district this last cambio and from the hnas in Zana Colorado. and some other silly photos of me and my comp.

So this week:
This week has been full of miracles and hard work! We've been finding some AMAZING people to teach that are super prepared!
One has known the church is true for a long time now but has problems in her family, but it seems like now is her time! Also a family we found wanted to listen to us because they loved the idea of eternal families. They are wonderful and a beautiful family! That's the familia Montaño-
Also a student who lives in a member's house accepted to be baptized yesterday in the first lesson! She had been to a baptism service and also felt a difference in our prayers that are sincere and was really interested in the Book of Mormon. She is totally prepared! Her name's Victoria Lopez.

I've been working really hard on my personal improvement to these past few weeks. I can 100% testify of the importance of daily exercises. I've been at it for 3 whole weeks now and it has changed my life. I feel stronger and full of energy and I feel closer to my heavenly father. I don't know but I just feel so much happier and its a consistent happiness. I've gained an even stronger testimony of the Word or Wisdom lately. and I'm going to keep creating and improving habits to live more healthily and happily and truly take care of the body that God has given me :)
Honestly I feel like I'm finally putting all my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength into serving the Lord. 
Diligence helps us to grow Faith, Faith gives us Hope, and when we have those things we will always have Success. 
I'm trying to stay diligent and stay strong and forget myself and go to work. 
I love the Lord and I love being His missionary! 

love you guys, have a wonderful week and keep working hard!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hermana Brown

Monday, February 19, 2018

From the Mission of Miracles!!

Hey everyone sorry long time no see!
Here's an update of everything that has happened over the last like 4 weeks.

First of all I'm freaking out because I have 2 CAMBIOS left!!! ahhhhhg!!! I'm not okay with that. What even happened to my fist twelve weeks? 


So about 4 weeks ago an investigator in las misiones got baptized. Even though I had recently been emergency transferred to Guaracal we got to assist her baptism. It was beautiful and we sang Come Thou Fount hna Ius and hna Heartline. 
There is a picture attached below of hna Sylvia (recent convert) with us (her missionaries) and her family including her two children who are converts from the last year, including Daniel who was a less active member when I started my mission in las misiones but has since returned to the church and served a mini mission and was the one to baptize his mom Sylvia.
It's was amazing to see a family being brought together and blessed through the gospel. I know that families can be eternal and I'm very happy that I could have the opportunity to teach such a wonderful person as Sylvia. She has a lot of faith and she loves her family. She has taught me a lot.


Ive been doing well in my new area even though its very small. We had Carnaval where we had to stay inside for 3 day also my companion hna Rayme (Puerto Maldonado, Peru) had dengue so that was another almost 3 days in house. 
Also this week we have cambios again! Good news: me and hna Rayme are staying together here, 
Surprise news: they have closed the elder´s area in Guaracal and now we are the ONLY missionaries in the whole ward and ALL of Guaracal is our area!
I've never been the only set of missionaries in a ward before but were excited for the new opportunities this cambio and to be opening the other half of guaracal. also we can visit all the members!! We're super excited to work hard and baptize some great people this cambio so that's what we're gonna do.

I am feeling like I'm really putting my whole  Heart Might Mind and Soul into the work recently and that makes me really happy. I know that hard work is what makes us happy and we should be always be striving to be something better than what we are and that we should always be working to complete our goals! I know that with faith and help from the Lord, we can achieve anything! I know the Lord helps me and strengthens me everyday and I'm very very grateful for that.

Don't forget to rely on the lord this week and don't forget that faith needs works!!

Also you all should watch this awesome video that talks about how hard work and faith truly changes lives and lets us live happily even in the face of the hardest trials. watch it! share it!

Hermana Ius and Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and Hermana Rayme

love y'all!!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

Monday, January 29, 2018

Cambios Locos


Okay, so sorry for not writing for a few weeks, but honestly its been pretty crazy for me lately.

Los cambios locos

So I had to leave la linda Tarija and return to Santa Cruz De Los Milagros and actually the first two weeks of this cambio I was sent back to my first area! That was a shock! But sure enough it was revelation. I was able to see all my converts again and they were able to go to church! I was able to get to know the wonderful hna Ius. She's from Utah and is going to study animation! We have a lot in common. I also got to teach a wonderful investigator that I only got to know a little last year. Last Saturday she was baptized and it was beautiful. She has so much faith and a strong testimony. Her two children are also recent converts and its wonderful to see the whole family being brought together through the Gospel. Families can be eternal!!

Then we had emergency transfers this last Domingo(not yesterday) and I am now Guaracal, (that's the ward name) and my companion is hna Rayme. She's from Puerto Maldonado, Peru. She's really nice :)
It's been a LONG week, I haven't had to get to know a new area for a long time and the heat of Santa Cruz takes some getting used to again. but I'm optimistic.
I know God is on my side! and he's also in control,and he has my happiness in mind.

Thank you all for your prayers and help!
Love from Bolivia,
Hermana Café

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plot Twist

Hey guys! Don't have a lot to say this week cuz I'm working through some things. 

But long story short, I've moved back to my old area Las Misiones 2. My comp is hna Ius from Utah. 

It was hard to say goodbye to cuatro de Julio yesterday. Here's some pics of a investigator family. I forgot my flash drive so I'll have to send other pics of more people next week. sorry!

I know that God loves us and I know that this is His work and I'm on His errand. I hope I can work well enough to do the things He wants me to do. 
I  testify that personal study of the scriptures and personal daily and nightly prayer, can change your whole life and help you out in the difficult moments. I'll be depending a lot on the Lord in these next few weeks and I invite you all to strive to do the same. 

When in doubt. just serve.

I hope your all liking the new arrangement of third our classes at church! I think its gonna be great!

And to mention, our dear Prophet Thomas S. Monson...
I loved him, and I am 100% sure he was a true prophet of the Lord and he left an example that we should all follow. He was a kind, friendly and loving leader and I'm grateful to have had him as our prophet. I know the Lord will call another man just as worthy and just as inspired as he was. 
I invite you all to look up his teachings on
And to second his testimony in the last April conference. his last talk: please if you are not reading the Book of Mormon daily, please do so.
And if you do not have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ right now, do whatever you can to obtain one. It is crucial to your happiness.

Love you guys. Prayers would be a lot of help right now. thanks

Hermana Brown

Monday, January 1, 2018

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

​¡¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo!!!   [?]🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇🎇🎇
Hey guys! I hope everyone has jumped into the new year with excitement for this new and marvelous year!  
My week went really well! we found some wonderful families and also we have some investigators that are really starting to understand the gospel  and gain their own testimonies. It's really beautiful to see the light in their eyes when the spirit testifies to them. 

For example, one man we're teaching named Aldo is a 33 year old professor and hes a thinker. We finished teaching him the plan of salvation this week and when we got to the kingdoms of glory he went from listening respectfully to literally leaning on the edge of his seat and was like "woah woah woah wait, can you explain that again?" he is a very good person. And it reminded me how exciting the gospel really is.

For new years they do things  bit different here in Bolivia. And its kinda dangerous.
So basically EVERYONE stocks up on firework like REAL fireworks and sets em off at midnight on new years. 
Literally THE ENTIRE HORIZON LIT UP last night and we had a great view! We had fireworks exploding like RIGHT over our heads and we saw at least a few explode in people garages. SO illegal in California. but man was it was amazing! Me and my companion loved it. It truly felt like new years and was better than ANY firework show you'll ever see.  Just so many fireworks. It sounded like world war three and they were going off for at least half an hour straight.

On other new years happenings, we live in bishops house so we had a dinner with them before midnight and I shared my American powdered sugar donuts with them and for dinner we ate......LLAMA.
Yeah I can now say for the rest of my life that I have eaten llama. 
It was good.

OK well I love you guys!!
I can't believe its 2018!! That's just super super weird. What is happening to time. I've been in Bolivia for a YEAR that's crazy. What is America even like? I don't remember...
Here's a really good video for you.  I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful new year and make good and achievable and hopeful goals! I work to achieve them!!

Hermana Brown

Tarija Bolivia <3