Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plot Twist

Hey guys! Don't have a lot to say this week cuz I'm working through some things. 

But long story short, I've moved back to my old area Las Misiones 2. My comp is hna Ius from Utah. 

It was hard to say goodbye to cuatro de Julio yesterday. Here's some pics of a investigator family. I forgot my flash drive so I'll have to send other pics of more people next week. sorry!

I know that God loves us and I know that this is His work and I'm on His errand. I hope I can work well enough to do the things He wants me to do. 
I  testify that personal study of the scriptures and personal daily and nightly prayer, can change your whole life and help you out in the difficult moments. I'll be depending a lot on the Lord in these next few weeks and I invite you all to strive to do the same. 

When in doubt. just serve.

I hope your all liking the new arrangement of third our classes at church! I think its gonna be great!

And to mention, our dear Prophet Thomas S. Monson...
I loved him, and I am 100% sure he was a true prophet of the Lord and he left an example that we should all follow. He was a kind, friendly and loving leader and I'm grateful to have had him as our prophet. I know the Lord will call another man just as worthy and just as inspired as he was. 
I invite you all to look up his teachings on lds.org
And to second his testimony in the last April conference. his last talk: please if you are not reading the Book of Mormon daily, please do so.
And if you do not have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ right now, do whatever you can to obtain one. It is crucial to your happiness.

Love you guys. Prayers would be a lot of help right now. thanks

Hermana Brown

Monday, January 1, 2018

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

​¡¡¡Feliz AΓ±o Nuevo!!!   [?]πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡
Hey guys! I hope everyone has jumped into the new year with excitement for this new and marvelous year!  
My week went really well! we found some wonderful families and also we have some investigators that are really starting to understand the gospel  and gain their own testimonies. It's really beautiful to see the light in their eyes when the spirit testifies to them. 

For example, one man we're teaching named Aldo is a 33 year old professor and hes a thinker. We finished teaching him the plan of salvation this week and when we got to the kingdoms of glory he went from listening respectfully to literally leaning on the edge of his seat and was like "woah woah woah wait, can you explain that again?" he is a very good person. And it reminded me how exciting the gospel really is.

For new years they do things  bit different here in Bolivia. And its kinda dangerous.
So basically EVERYONE stocks up on firework like REAL fireworks and sets em off at midnight on new years. 
Literally THE ENTIRE HORIZON LIT UP last night and we had a great view! We had fireworks exploding like RIGHT over our heads and we saw at least a few explode in people garages. SO illegal in California. but man was it was amazing! Me and my companion loved it. It truly felt like new years and was better than ANY firework show you'll ever see.  Just so many fireworks. It sounded like world war three and they were going off for at least half an hour straight.

On other new years happenings, we live in bishops house so we had a dinner with them before midnight and I shared my American powdered sugar donuts with them and for dinner we ate......LLAMA.
Yeah I can now say for the rest of my life that I have eaten llama. 
It was good.

OK well I love you guys!!
I can't believe its 2018!! That's just super super weird. What is happening to time. I've been in Bolivia for a YEAR that's crazy. What is America even like? I don't remember...
Here's a really good video for you.  I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful new year and make good and achievable and hopeful goals! I work to achieve them!!

Hermana Brown

Tarija Bolivia <3

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy December!!

Mom Speaking!! Our Bishop, Bishop O'Brien, surprised all the families of missionaries in our ward at home with Christmas emails from their missionaries.  He read each and every one of them over the pulpit as part of our Sacrament Program on Christmas Eve.  Here is Shannon's:

OK. Sorry.  I'm here. Been pretty crazy with Christmas stuff sorry I didn't have time for spell check

Mi Mensaje:

Buenas Dias de Tarija, Bolivia, Hermanas Y Hermanos de Barrio Los Alisos!!!
Bishop O'Brien has asked me to write a special Christmas message to you all today, I don't have much time but I can't pass up the opportunity to share some Christmas missionary spirit with all of you.

First of all, I hope all of you have been taking advantage of the wonderful Light the World program that is up on mormon.org. It's an amazing way to remind people of the reason we have Christmas and the to remind them what the "good tidings" actually are about. It's about the the birth of Christ!! Can you all just imagine for a second, the thousands of years that prophets like Noah, Enoch, Moses, Isaiah and more spent prophesying that one day, the Savior of the world, even the son of God himself would some to earth to redeem mankind? Can you imagine how long people waited, and watched for that new star to appear in the sky? Can you imagine what is must have been like for those faithful watchers to see the sun set and rise  with out any sign of the darkness of night? No wonder the world rejoices over this glorious day! A day so important that the world literally restarted counting the years.
Of course, if we don't have a very good understanding of the Atonement that Christ performed for us, this rejoicing loses some of its significance.
I invite you all to study and learn and listen so you can tuley understand the atonement of Jesus Christ and you may truly rejoice this Christmas.
But id like to leave you all with my own testimony that I've gained though my 13 months as a missionary.

I know that Christ lived. I know that He was the Son of God and his life was perfect. I know he showed us a perfect example and taught us the path that we must follow to return to our home in heaven. I know that he healed the sick, raised the dead, and was completely obedient to His Father. I know that because of his divinity he could not have been killed by any man unless he permitted it. And he did permit it. I know that Jesus Christ loved us, God's Children, so much that he CHOSE to suffer in the garden of Gethsemane for all of our sins, for ALL of our pain and afflictions and loneliness and doubt. I know that he suffered for every one of us individually. I promise that he knows you, he understands you, and he loves you. 
I know that he completed his atonement for all mankind, by dying on the cross and gloriously overcoming death itself by resurrecting the third day. I testify that He Lives. 
I know that above all else, Christ taught us that we must Love God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. and the secondly that we must love our neighbor with all our heart, might , mind, and strength also.
I  testify of this because I know that only through serving others can we truly change the world. and I also know that service is the easiest thing we can ever do. 
Smile at people more often, make generous donations, give thanks, tell an uplifting joke, cry with those who mourn. Comfort those in need of comfort. Lift the hands of those who hang down in discouragement. Be like Jesus Christ.
Light the World with His Light.

I'd like you all to enjoy this beautiful Christmas eve, in beautiful southern California by remembering that you are sons and daughters of God. The plan of salvation is real and god has given each of you a special talent to share. Have faith in God and have faith on Yourself. You can do it! 

And I'll end my testimony with an enormous "Gracias". Thank you for everything Los Alisos ward. thank you to each and everyone of you. To my friends I've grown up with, to my church leaders who have helped me have the testimony I have today, and a very special thank you to my family. Brown Family, thank you for staying strong, and thank you for supporting me. Mom and dad: thank you for your faith and love. 
I love you all and I testify of all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Feliz Navidad!!!
<3 Hermana Brown.

MisiΓ³n, Santa Cruz (de los milagros), Bolivia.

Feliz Navidad!!

Hey everyone!! Here's some pictures from my Christmas happenings this week! We made gingerbread houses and we had a Christmas multi zone conference with a talent show and a dinner and we had a kind party thing for Christmas eve to watch the fireworks with all the hermanas. I'll try and write a special Christmas message in another email to follow! feliz navidad!​

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hey guys! Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! 

Here's a video that y'all should watch about the #Lighttheworld initiative! Its such a great idea!!! 

I challenge you guys to donate something this week to someone in need!

This week has been really good for me. I've been trying to think more positively and to turn outward towards others instead of turning inwards toward myself. Its really helping me a lot with every aspect of life. 

We also have an amazing investigator on date for the 16 of December. her name is Jasmin.

Also big I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday.

Also biggest news:
I just finished reading the whole book of Mormon in SPANISH!!!
Woo! It is an amazing thing because its literally a miracle of how much I've learned of the language. 
I started out reading 4 months ago about with my scriptures in one hand and my dictionary in the other. and I finished reading Moroni 10 with the same level of understanding thatIi would have had reading it in English. If that's not a miracle and the gift of tongues I don't know what is.
I know that The Book of Mormon is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives. I know that Joseph Smith was his called Prophet and through him the priesthood and the true church have been restored again on the earth. 
I know the church is true and Christ leads it today though his prophet Thomas S. Monson.
I invite all of you to read the Book of Mormon. cover to cover. every day. Read it and ask God if its true. Take the promise of Moroni 10: 3-5 to heart and follow it.

ove you guys, have great week. and don't forget to get started on the #light the world calender this week!

Tarija ]Bolivia

Hermana Brown

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This Has Been A Good Week!

Buenas Dias!!!
This has been a good week!
P Day

So we hike mountains every day all day in our area right? So guess what our district decides is a great p day activity?? HIKE MORE MOUNTAINS. So we hiked to the top of a mountain peak that has "CRISTO" written on it so all of Tarija can see. It wasn't that hard but it was still pretty cool to reach the top finally. So I'll be sending an email with pictures of the view of Tarija, a close up of the rocks (painted white) that spell out the Cristo and also of the elders making some mountain top sacrifices. 

A Great 1 Year in the Field
So this Wednesday hna Gardner and I did a few things to celebrate our ! YEAR MARK! My companion made delicious chocolate pancakes and a cute card and I gave her a Heart Attack. There are pictures and a video attached. 

Then in the evening after we had 
gotten home (and into our pjs) we heard a knock on our door and Bishop and his family surprised us with a sign, a whole chocolate cake and champagne glasses with soda :) it was so sweet and all I have to say renting an apartment from your bishop is awesome.

So we've been super blessed to have been able to lend a lot of service this week for people. We also found some new investigators by helping people carry groceries, cut stems off of chili peppers and just being there in times of need and giving words of encouragement and comfort.
These are things that everyone can do, not just full time missionaries.
Happy Thanksgiving <3
So with that thought of service in mind, I have another challenge for you all in this thanksgiving week. The challenge is this: GET OUT AND SERVE. The best way to be thankful for what you have, is to give to others. It sounds weird but its true. You can serve people in many ways, from smiling to the people you pass on the street, to giving a nice meal to those who have nowhere or no one to go to this holiday week. Service has no limits on creativity. So just get out there and serve!!!
I'm grateful to be serving everyday as a missionary. Sharing the gospel is also the best way to serve too. Don't forget to help out the missionaries in your ward!!
I love you all and I'm super grateful for all the prayers and cards, thank you :)

Happy Thanksgiving
Also heres a video link that you should all watch and share this week and in the following season:

Tarija, Bolivia
Hermana Brown​