Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Carnaval!

I'm writing this Saturday because we cant leave our house for 3 WHOLE DAYS! Sunday Monday and Tuesday for Carnival. It's dangerous for missionaries I guess (spiritually and otherwise). (MUCHO burrachos and paint and water being thrown at people randomly) so we are going to make pancakes for breakfast and order pizza and study A LOT and watch Moana on Monday! (hopefully if we can get it).
This week started super rainy and WAY HOT, but its been a good week!
On last Monday, we went ALL over trying to find me a good pair of shoes that fit! We ended up in Mission North where an actual MALL exists! It was really weird cuz it was WAY nice. Like a mall in America! Me and my companion were like "wait these things exist here, what?" but we found some great shoes in a shop where they greeted us with "Hermanas!" when we walked in. One of the workers was a returned missionary and we noticed later that they had taken 20 off of our bill! (still not sure if it was 20 dollars or bolivianos but really nice nonetheless) Then the member who were driving us around all day bought us hair clips, and we looked around Forever 21 (THAT was weird). and then she bought us STARBUCKS AND JOHNNY ROCKETS! It was awesome! I  almost  wanted to cry because I felt like home kinda in a way ha ha. But she was super nice and I'm so grateful for her charity!
Speaking of which, I've learned a lot about Charity this week!
Charity is the Pure Love of Christ. and it is basically the foundation of true faith. I realize that if I always act with charity in my heart than I will never ever regret it. I am striving to be more like Christ by learning from his perfect loving example of charity. I challenge everyone to do the same. Christ said, "the first Great commandment is to the love the Lord with all you might mid and strength, the second is like unto it, which is to love thy neighbor as thyself."
Love you all and have a great week!
Love and Luck from Bolivia

Hermana Brown

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Christmas in February!

Happy late Valentine's Day! We forgot it was a holiday until someone had told us, then we went home and had lots of chocolate! I hope everyone else had great Valentine's Day full of lots of chocolate (which is what the days about right?) also happy Gal-intines day for all my Parks and Rec people.
It rained a LOT this week which was WONDERFUL! It's starting to go into Fall here which is confusing but better than the hot Summer!!
I'm starting to understand SO much more in conversations now! Which is super exciting! I'm still trying to work on being able to talk in past tense and all the conjugation ending, but I'm starting to grasp the grammar concepts a lot more in my studying which is awesome!
We had 3 investigators come to stake conference this week! Which was a miracle!!! And we finally started teaching a "jovencito" who we were told wants to be baptized, which is really great! We have some new people that we really excited to teach this week! It's been good :) I know the Lord is on our side and helping us every day!

Last p-day we saw a cathedral in Mission Northe! It was awesome!! We also went to an art museum which had some cool and also really weird pictures in it. We ate gelato too!Iit was really fun!

I got a package from the Primary from my home ward! It was a giant sign that said "Merry Christmas Sister Brown"! It was AWESOME! It came with candy wrapped inside too :D I absolutely loved it. Thank you all SOOOOOOO MUCH!
I especially liked the little notes from my family, and from Sister Morgan and Sister Ohwhiler (care bare stare!)
Also the kid who called me an Elder in his note (spelled like that) It was all wonderful!
We sang a Christmas hymn to celebrate.
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you Los Alisos Primary! <3<3
Love and luck from Bolivia,

-Hermana Brown

Monday, February 13, 2017

My Light Story

OK, so I don't have like any time to write this week. But it was rainy and we got new missionaries in the new cambio. Fun stuff.
But I want to write about this cool experience this time.
So me and Hermana Cluff were walking down a street trying to find out where on of our contacts lives. We were a bit lost. But as we walked I noticed this one lady, who had just bought a bottle of alcohol at the tienda we were passing, watching us. We got a few feet farther and she started calling to us. She asked if we were Hermanas and told us to come talk with her. So we did. She was VERY drunk. She talked a lot about how we reminded her of her daughters and how she was ashamed to let us into her house because her one in Brazil is much better. She tried to teach us some Portuguese and We kept trying to get a message in. But what was really awesome what she kept saying things like she needs God and need spiritual help.  She hates her drinking and smoking and everything. Which is all the stuff were here help people with! But the most interesting thing she told us is that she can't see very well anymore but when she saw us she saw "a Light". I'd always heard of those stories where missionaries have a light  or something that people see but I'd never experienced it myself.  I have now! I'm very grateful to be able to show people like her that light of Christ. I'm happier than ever to be able to have a testimony of the Gospel which lets Christs light shine to people like her, who need help in their lives. We managed to say a prayer with her and leave her with a note the can remind her of the appointment we set and we wrote down her contact.
I hope she will remember us and that we can teach her.
I know that this Gospel is true. Christ is That Light.
I Love being a missionary.
3 Nefi 15:9
Have a great week everyone!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown

PS here are some delicious recipes from a member that we've had dinner with a couple times and is an AMAZING cook. the first one is my fave .