Monday, February 13, 2017

My Light Story

OK, so I don't have like any time to write this week. But it was rainy and we got new missionaries in the new cambio. Fun stuff.
But I want to write about this cool experience this time.
So me and Hermana Cluff were walking down a street trying to find out where on of our contacts lives. We were a bit lost. But as we walked I noticed this one lady, who had just bought a bottle of alcohol at the tienda we were passing, watching us. We got a few feet farther and she started calling to us. She asked if we were Hermanas and told us to come talk with her. So we did. She was VERY drunk. She talked a lot about how we reminded her of her daughters and how she was ashamed to let us into her house because her one in Brazil is much better. She tried to teach us some Portuguese and We kept trying to get a message in. But what was really awesome what she kept saying things like she needs God and need spiritual help.  She hates her drinking and smoking and everything. Which is all the stuff were here help people with! But the most interesting thing she told us is that she can't see very well anymore but when she saw us she saw "a Light". I'd always heard of those stories where missionaries have a light  or something that people see but I'd never experienced it myself.  I have now! I'm very grateful to be able to show people like her that light of Christ. I'm happier than ever to be able to have a testimony of the Gospel which lets Christs light shine to people like her, who need help in their lives. We managed to say a prayer with her and leave her with a note the can remind her of the appointment we set and we wrote down her contact.
I hope she will remember us and that we can teach her.
I know that this Gospel is true. Christ is That Light.
I Love being a missionary.
3 Nefi 15:9
Have a great week everyone!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown

PS here are some delicious recipes from a member that we've had dinner with a couple times and is an AMAZING cook. the first one is my fave .

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