Monday, January 30, 2017

Conferences Galore!

Well this week was weird and fun.
Service activity
We went as a zone to paint a member house in some other areas this Tuesday. The elders dug a large pit in the front yard (which I still don't know what the purpose was of) and the Hermanas sanded down the walls. the sound of the sandpaper was Very loud and we got COVERED with paint dust. It definitely was not good for our lungs. I'm pretty sure the inside of my lungs are now a nice shade of that pale yellow paint. We wore newspaper on our heads to try and keep some of it off, it didn't really work ha ha. but the Member lady was very nice and brought us all empanadas and her dog liked to play soccer. So we kicked the ball around with the elders and the dog. It was hilarious. It also was rainy that day.
World wide Broadcast Conference
This was on Wednesday and it changed missionaries lives around the world. they made lots of changes to our schedules: like not having normal studies on p days, and having the flexibility and agency of organizing our days on our own more. Also, having planning time in the mornings instead of at night. Also, only 4 key indicators now. I love all the changes but its been a bit loco and weird getting used to them this week! We now do our studies in the middle of the day during siesta time and during those hottest hours... it's awesome.  I got to see all my Bolivia CCM peeps at the conference too! That was really awesome.
Relief Society Activity.
We went to a relief society activity Thursday night. Our investigator didn't show up but we got food before we left to rush to be home in time. We ate an empanada and Torte (cake) as we walked fast.
This Thursday was also my ONE MONTH IN BOLIVIA MARK! I feel like I cant believe its already been a month in my mission, but I also feel like I cant believe its ONLY been a month. Its been a LOOONG month ha ha.
Quinton L. Cook
We had a conference with an apostle this Saturday. It was really amazing. The spirit was incredibly strong before he even came in. Because just being in a room full of missionaries was amazing. and when we sang the hymns it was very powerful. He gave an amazing talk and testimony and we had a q and a session which was also amazing. He left us with a blessing and talked about our families which made a lot of people cry. One of those people was me. Also, before he had all of us come and shake hands with him and the other leaders there. That was really cool too. That's the 2nd time I've met him, he came to a stake conference at home many years ago too. It was a beautiful conference. here are some pictures below of CCM pals and my companion.

Stake Conference
This was a special conference with a quorum of the Seventy member! It was also really great although that was all in Spanish and I didn't understand everything. but I felt the spirit. It was a very full room as well, and me and my companion were squished on one of the benches.
Last night we also had a great lesson with the familia Limachi. and when I bore my testimony, the spirit was with me very strongly and somehow I was able to say all these things that I didn't realize I could say. I'm so grateful to have been able to help the Lord do his Work. the Gift of Tongues is very real.
see y'all next week!

-Hermana Brown

Calle Independencia #610 Esq. Lemoine
Zona Central Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

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