Monday, April 16, 2018

17 Months!!! WHAT???

Hey guys!! So I just completed 17 months in the mission WHAT?? I feel weird. but its been a great week honestly.

Hna Maman about to go home! 

Hna Murdock

Mi hija is doing fantastic!! Its really hard to learn a language but she's working super hard. I'm super proud of her. She's a great support and inspiration to me. Its amazing to realize how quickly the gift of tongues works. She doesn't realize it because she feels like she needs to know things instantly but honestly I can see how she's learning everything at such an incredibly fast rate, that she is truly a miracle unfolding before my eyes. and then I see myself, and how fluent I speak now and all of the gospel things I've learning and how far I've come and it makes me realize how truly miraculous  missionaries are. Training isn't easy, but its wonderful. I love my companion.


So this week we received and contacted some great references. We found a family who "want to have a testimony and be happy" like the members that they know and also another investigator that wants to understand why there are so many churches and was fascinated with the message of the Restoration. I feel like God is truly guiding us to the places we need to be and he is guiding our words to say the things we need to say. 
Send your references to the missionaries!!!

Let you Light so Shine

So in Mathew 5 and in 3 nephi , Christ tells us that we each have a light that we need to shine with the world. This week I've really felt full of light. I've realized that I have talents and unique experiences and a testimony to share that can help other people be happy and I want to share it!! I also loved seeing our member in church yesterday because I could see that every person has a beautiful light that they can share with the world. I want to help people find their own light and shine it. President Thomas S. Monson says "if you want to help other shine, you must first glow yourself." I'm trying to Light the World. and I know that everyone of you guys also have a wonderful light that you can share. I invite you to share it!! Help the world be a brighter place. Focus on the good, rejoice in the success of others. We all are a part of the body of Christ. so please take care of each other and really get involved in this new "ministering" program. Because I know it is truly inspired of God. I'm excited for all the progress we are going to see this year!

I know the Christ is our Savior! I know that He Lives!! I know that the greatest joy in life comes from sharing the Gospel with others!

I love being a missionary!!!

Love from Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

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