Monday, April 23, 2018

Training Baptism and Testimony

Hey guys!! Not much time but I'll go over the important things: Training, a Baptism, and the worst question ever "how much time do you have?"


So hna Murdock is really progressing a lot and so am I!! Honestly, it's difficult to be a trainer, because you have to kind of pull the weight of two missionaries but when you have a great junior companion it makes a lot easier!! Hna Murdock is studying hard and helps me in all the things that she can, and that helps me a whole lot when I'm worrying about all the things that need to be done. She helps me stay on track and remember important things and truly it is miraculous to watch he gift of tongues work in her! The people love her and are more open to listen to us when she starts to speak, because they recognize the huge effort that she's making means that what shes saying is something really important. At the same time, this week I realized how much my testimony really has grown. I now feel comfortable to testify of the gospel sincerely and with power and authority. And it makes a big difference in lessons! One investigator told us "I  believe its true because of the way you talk about it." That was cool!


One of my investigators that moved recently to another area got baptised!! I'm so happy that I could participate in her teaching!! Her name is Alejandra Mancila: there's a picture below! The gospel truly changes lives and people!

"how much time...?"
every time someone asks me that question it kills me inside. But it is pretty funny to see their reactions when I tell them "3 weeks".


I know the church is true. I know Christ Lives. I know that God loves us and that we are His children. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the fullness of the Gospel has been restored. I love to be a missionary.

How can you strengthen your testimony this week?

love y'all!
hermana Brown

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