Friday, November 18, 2016

Arriving in Peru! Whew!

Leaving John Wayne Airport

I am at the MTC and I got my name tag about 10 min ago. So its official! The flight from atlanta wasnt to bad but my little tv broke so I couldnt even play my chess game! but I sat next to this very cool girl named Maisey she was from Amsterdam! and she was traveling on her own just for fun. she has like three jobs to be able to do so. she wasnt that much older than me! that was cool. We got into the MTC at around 3 am and didnt get to sleep until 4. so I've got a bit of a sleep headache and I'm really dehydrated and still kinda queasy from travel, but its realy awesome so far. I did make riends with some other sister pretty fast like you saud. My compainion is Sister Gardner. But I also have been having a fun time talking to Sister Birg. I keep wanting to call her sister Briggs for some reason, idk why. I met Avery Eliason!
She and her companion have already been here for three weeks and they are our guides in the "dorm rooms" I guess. They told us that the food here is very diffrent and for the first bit when you start eating it it will either give you diarhea or constipation and if it last more than 5 days then you should ask for help. so that'll be fun. I cant find the return key on this keyboard so I cant make new paragraphs???

Oh btw, I changed my mind about my favorite scripture. I dont remember which scripture it is but the words came to me last night while I was trying to fall asleep and worrying if I had everything. It's the "trust in the lord with all thy heart, and lean not upon your own understanding." one. Could you find that scripture and I kinda want a long scripture so if the verses around that quoted bit work I'd like those included on the plaque too. Anyways, so when we were all waiting to get are bags and baggage claim last night I got super nervous because everyone else had their bags before me, but mine came at the very end so that was a relief. I've been taking pictures already and I'll try to figure out how to send them. Oh we all were transported from the airport to the MTC on a big coach bus, and holy cow the drivers here are crazy. Our driver kept having the bus beep at him because he would keep going over 90 kl/hr and I'm pretty sure he was in between to lanes like the whole time. There were other incidents of just real close calls to passing other cars and people getting out of taxis in the middle of the street and strolling through traffic,  we almost crashed into the back corner of another long cargo truck. and we sped through some very small neighborhood street. some drunk people cheered at us. Ok they are telling me I've gotta o now, will email more next week. I love you very much!!! tell everyone I love them and miss them a lot. Love you more than tounges can tel. <3<3<3<3<3<3 Hermana Brown

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