Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

We had another baptism this week!!! of a 26 year old golden investigator 
named Maritza!!! The baptism went great although they had to baptize her a second time in the cold water because she swallowed water though her nose the first time and her arm didn't go in. But it was really great and both her parents came including her very Evangelical mom and also the family of her boyfriend came (her boyfriend who's a member baptized her). We had our first lesson with Maritza only a month and two weeks ago!! Shes truly golden. 

We also had visitors! Hna Wheeler who's Hna Maman's last companion. And they brought Papa Johns!! We had to leave our keys in the tree next to our gate for them since we would be in our last lesson with Maritza when they would arrive-- but we came home and they had pizza and a member had also given us cake and it was a fun time.
We had an activity with the young men and women and we had them send a link of something from Mormon.org to a friend using their phones. Then we ate homemade pizza.
Also I got to call the fam yesterday!!! That was pretty awesome. It was really great to see all you guys!! I'm surprised I didn't cry. Hna Maman, Alcivar and Jara all did!  ha ha!
I bought some new dresses and skirts for really cheap this morning so I'm pretty excited for that too! Yay clothes!
Also TODAY I HIT 6 MONTHS IN MY MISSION!!! WOOT ONE YEAR LEFT! That's really weird to think about. Gotta get working!!!

There's pics and ill attach another email for more pics too!
I think that's all that really happened this week.
Love you guys!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers! They help a lot!! Remember to study your scriptures and pray!


MUCHO love and luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown​

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