Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Feliz Cumpleanos to Me!

Birthday with Hermana Maman and the Padilla Family

OK! So all y'all are asking for an update and I don't have a lot of time but here are the points of this week:

So obiviously y'all wanna hear about that well, we had a conference all morning and that was very motivating and I learned aloooottttt and we ate a LOTT of food! We had like 6 meals from different people and I got a lot of sweet gifts and card from members, conversos and investigators.  It was really fun and I'm really happy I got to spend my birthday in LAS Misiones!

Faith without works is dead. We made goals every day to find more new people this week and God helped us so much because almost every day we achieved our goal!
And on Sunday we found 11 nuevos!!!!! That made it so we found 24 nuevos when our original goal was 16!!!!! That's crazy!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't believe it! And they are all such good people and among them 2 families!!! I'm excited to teach them!!

7 to 10
We had a change to our schedule and now we wake up at 7 am and return to the house at 930 r 10. Crazy! But I like it a lot more. Also, transfers are on Mondays now which is good but means I have two less days int his cambio which makes me sad! 

Well gtg!! love y'all!!!

love and luck from Bolivia

Hermana Brown

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