Monday, June 19, 2017

What Interesting Things You Find in a Bolivian Mercado

Well I had a very interesting week, but not about many things I can write about. I learned a lot this week that's for sure. Mostly I learned that the real teacher isn't us, isn't me, its the Spirit. And its impossible to teach without the Spirit. Lots of miracles this week that I'm very grateful for and I know that God always answers prayers and is always helping and blessing.
But here are some photos:
So where we normally do shopping is in the market. Its like a giant
farmers market that's always open because that's more normal here than a supermarket. Its where people sell there fruits veggies other food and also a seccion where people sell clothing and a TON is used and imported American clothes. Those are pictures of a sweater from my freshman year High School football team from Mission Viejo High School! California! That was right there in Santa Cruz Bolivia mercado! I thought it was pretty impossible and hilarious!
Okie dokie love ya'll and I hope you'll all grow your faith this week!
Lots of blessing and love and luck from Bolivia,

Hermana Brown <3<3<3

pastel de chocolate.  ¿Tengo que decir algo más?

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