Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Baptism!!

Hey guys! so we had a baptism this week!!!

This week has been kind of stressful but its been a miracle! In one week we had to teach all the lessons to Marcelo so that he could be baptized this Saturday. It went well because Marcelo is a super intelligent kid! He understood all of the lessons perfectly and the experience really made me realize how this is God's work and no one else's because we really didn't do anything. But miracles happened everyday so that we could find him all of the days and that all his family could show up to the baptism. I'm very grateful that I could participate in this wonderful experience. Marcelo and his family recently moved into the ward from Cochabamba, and they are a great family! Picture attached.

We also had inter-cambios this week and I got to spend a day with hna Albornoz, she's from Argentina. (I'm always put with the Argentinians ha ha) but she's super cool, she lives right next to Paraguay so she has the best of both worlds with both Mate ( from Argentina) and TererĂ© (from Paraguay) as a part of her city's culture. She showed me how to drink tererĂ© which is more like ice tea. It's really good but I think I still like mate better. (mate is hot). 

Well that's basically it for this week. I'm doing well and working hard! Love the mission! Miss you guys!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

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