Wednesday, December 21, 2016

MERRY Christmas and Felix Navidad!

Lunes de LEntes!
what is it? Only the BEST holiday! All the Hermanas wear our glasses on Monday and this last week we got our teachers into it and all of our elders wore their llama ties too! and Hermana Heartline doesn't wear glasses so she borrowed some from Hermana Berg and they give her headaches. But its all worth it for LUNES DE LENNTES! We also took an illegal PICTURE OF IT. WILL GET IT TO Y'ALL NEXT TIME! BUENOS DIAS!


I'm excited to spend Christmas here in the CCM although I know I'll be crying a lot too! But I just want everyone to know that I'm wishing them a very merry Christmas and to remember that revue spirit of this holiday so this is my last few day here in the CCM! and I fly to Bolivia on Monday! I'm so excited! 
Here's what happened this week


Last week was my 1 month mark and that's crazy! The first few weeks felt so long but it sped up real quick! 17 more to go! My paper says I return April 24, though so a bit less than that.


District shenanigans

We had a hear drawing competition where we had to try and draw hearts with only our elbows... that WAS INTERESTING.

Efy medley
we sang the efy medley to the princioantes and at least one cried. It was amazing! I love that song!

Elder Nase forgot his name tag in the bathroom and that caused a wild goose chase of him blaming everyone before realizing he'd been responsible for its disappearance. Then Schiendler questioned why it would have been in the bathroom and he replied "I don't want God to see that" and our teacher Hermana Ferro couldn't stop laughing for like 5 min straight it was great.


We listened to an AMAZING Holland devotional this week and I cant even describe how awesome it was. He is so awesome. I've earned so much here its fantastic.

One thing I hope everyone can take from my email this week is that I've really learned is how important the BOM is. Please read it, study it and cherish it. There is nothing in this world so inspired. I promise anything you struggle with or have questions about in your life you can find answers comfort and guidance in the Book of Mormon. 

...sorry not much time today! see ya next week IN BOLIVIA!!

Hermana Brown! 

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