Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Christmas Decorations at the CCM
3 weeks already! I can't believe it! Time is starting to fly by, but that doesn't mean this week was any less difficult, and wonderful.

Hermana Messenger and Moi

Happy Elders eating food happily

Alright so, I got this virus that's been going around and it was AWFUL. I felt like there was a knife in my stomach and every once in a while someone would twist it. Not fun. I felt like death for half the week. 

I had a pretty hard lesson in humility this week. I realized sometimes pride comes in forms you don't expect. so I honestly thought I was pretty humble until he Lord knocked me down. And with all honestly I am so glad that He did. because I have learned so much its incredible. I have learned what it really means to trust in the Lord with all of my heart, and what t means to be humble.
I can see the blessings he gives me everyday now, and I thank him for truly every good thing that comes to me. I have been able to recognize answers to my prayers and blessing from the lord as they come and that it truly amazing. I am so grateful for that. I'm grateful to the Lord for everything! I don't know how else to explain it clearer but remember everyone, to always put the Lord first. in absolutely everything. It will bring you happiness I promise.

That's a nickname or the "avencados" here. which are the missionaries who are three weeks ahead. because newbies come and oldies leave every three weeks.) So yesterday, we had to say good by to all of our avocados. It was rather sad. I made some really good friends in that group and it sucks to see them go, but I am also so excited for them all because I know hey will be fantastic missionaries. One among them was mi Prima, Hermana Elaison! It was so wonderful and comforting to have her here with me for the past three weeks, ad the people of her mission are so lucky to have her! But their leaving means that WE are now the Avocados!!!! ALPHAS. We own this place! Just kidding we still have no idea what were doing most of the time. But I'm excited to meet the new missionaries coming in! We're supposed to have 4 new English speaking hermanas! Can't wait to tell them about our butter tradition and the inevitable diarrhea.

Sundays are probably my favorite days. this Sunday was so amazing with the fast and testimony meeting! All the avocados stared it by singing the EFY medley (which is my favorite) and they changed the words to "we are now the lords missionaries" and the whole thing was so powerful. It was like a piercing feeling in my heart. and the testimonies people shared were so incredible. We also had great talks from our president and his wife and other senior leaders and we got to watch that one really good Joseph Smith movie.  It's my favorite! I absolutely LOVE the Joseph Smith story every time I hear it. We also got to watch video clips of Christ's miracles  in one lesson and that was amazing to. 

Everyone, I have realized how lucky I truly am to be called to serve here. I realized that I get to walk upon the lands that the people of the Book of Mormon walked on. I get to teach these people of the true history of their ancestors. I get to march in the place that those stripling warriors marched. I am in that army of Helaman. And most amazingly of all, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to testify of Christ, who walked on these lands, among these people. 
I have learned many things this week, including the truth of the Book of Mormon, and the importance of exact obedience, And what lesson I cherish most this week is this, That Jesus is our savior. He lives and loves us. He is the son of God. and if we put our faith in him, then we can witness miracles.

I hope all of you will read the Book of Mormon because I want everyone to have this knowledge and happiness that it has brought me. I know these things are true. and I know that Ihave a special purpose here.
Itestify these things in the name of Christ, amen.

I love and miss all of you!

Hermana Brown

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