Monday, September 11, 2017

You Learn All Sorts of New Skills in The Mission

SHOOT! sorry this email is from LAST week! i guess i forgot to press send :C soryyyyyy.

OK guys! so I got some new news and some old news that I forgot to write hahaha.
First of the old news: a number of weeks ago I completed HALF MY MISSION!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?! How'd that happen? todo es locura.
9 months and almost at 10 WHATTTTTTIi need to get WORKINGGGG hahaha.
On other newer news, WE HAD CAMBIOS! Hermana Herrera went to ward Paraiso which is close by, and guess who is my new companion who came from Santa Cruz only NOW just leaving her first area?!?!? HERMANA GARDNER!!! woo! She was in my CCM group! and actually we were comps for a bout half a day in  our first day in the CCM. this cambio's gonna be awesome because were gonna work SUPER HARD! woo!
English class
We had our first English class this last Friday and even though the relief society president and the bishop and his three little sons showed up, it went SUPER well! They were all actually pretty awesome and great at learning. and my comp told me that I was a good teacher afterward (better than her teacher from high school  jaja) which is nice to hear because I don't actually have any idea what I'm doing. We learned the alphabet and a basic get to know you conversation. It was cool! 
I think were going to have a lot more people in our next class!
Familia Correa
Were teaching a wonderful family who now have a bautismal date and we had a super spiritual and awesome experience this last week with the single mom Janeth where we taught her "a proclamation to the world" and temples. After reading through it, I asked her if those things are something she wants to have and she said yes. I promised here she could find them in The Church of Christ. It was very special. I hope you all will read the proclamation this week its beautiful. #goals
Janeth also now has goals to go to the temple. She is a very special person. :)
We found some really friendly and wonderful new investigators this week that I'm really excited to teach!
You Learn All Sorts Of New Skills In The Mission
So Tarija doesn't have a big super market Hipermaxi like Santa Cruz where a simple gringa can go to find her favorite American sabores, for example: Peanut Butter.
They've got lots of peanuts here but mantaquilla de mani is just not a thing. 
So whats a choca like me to do??
Learn how to make her own obviously!!!
I'm actually pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to MAKE PEANUT BUTTER. 
That certainly was never something I thought I would be able to do. It's cool, we all have so much potential to do things that we never thought we could do, if we just get up and try to do it. 
My comp enjoyed the peanut butter. I'll attach a picture of my creation.
Things I've Learned
Well I have this prompting to talk about something I learned a lot about over these last 6 weeks. 
It's about those of us who feel, inadequate, unprepared, like we don't do much or anything, or that we don't make a deference, or that we aren't doing all that we could be doing.
These disappointing thoughts are not uncommon. As a missionary, I get them a lot. 
But somethings I've learned and am changing in myself are two Christlike attributes:
Diligence and Patience.
Here is what I've learned and has helped me and  the Spirit testifies to me that they are true-
Be diligent, keep working. if you know what you want, be diligent in doing the little and consistent things that will get you to that goal. It probably won't come as fast as you'd like, but if you keep working and stay diligent, it WILL undoubtedly come. don't give up. that is the only way it will NOT come. 
Be patient primarily, with YOURSELF. I feel like what is true for me could be common for others as well- whenever I lose patience with someone else, it's usually because I have first already lost patience with myself.
I have lost my self confidence or iIcompare my weaknesses to others strength. I'm not fair to myself.
To all of you who may have had these similar feelings, I'll quote elder Dieter F. Uchtedorf, 
YOU are a child of God! YOU have DIVINE POTENTIAL and you CAN DO IT. The only thing stopping you is you. Keep working. Things come in their own time, in gods time. have hope for that future that is as bright as your faith.
YOU are loved by He that is almighty, and he gives you challenges because he knows that you can handle them.
This is a phrase I'm going to work on remembering and that can help you guys to remember too:
Tell yourself, "I CAN DO HARD THINGS"
That's the truth. There's nothing stopping you. Keep working at it. You can do hard things. 
I love you guys and I believe in each and every one of you! 
Thank you for all you prayers. They give me the strength i need every day.
God always answers prayers. iIsee that every day.
When you feel like you cant do it, Ask for His help. and he will answer "immediately"
Ironic tile in our apartment haha

when life gives you mani, make montiquilla de mani!

Have a wonderful week everyone,
Love from Tarija, Bolivia <3
Hermana Brown

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