Thursday, October 12, 2017

Buenos Tardes!

Hey guys! Buenos tardes!!

So this week we had a zone activity the last Monday, it was awesome! We all went to a big river "San Pedro Del Sol" or something like that. We hiked over all the cool rocks and skipped rocks and had empanadas /salteñas and juice for a little picnic. It was cool, but I slipped like three times and got my shoes SOAKED. It was really cool though. We had a rock throwing competition and took some cool pics. apparently close by in those mountains,  there's an Inca road that the Incas built that you can go check out. Our guide also told us a pretty amazing conversion story, and his missionary was like the son of Bruce R. McConkie and he also tried to tell us that little mariachi dwarves  live in the woods around the river. He was a cool guy. There were dome dogs that hiked with us. They were chill. The guide pushed one into the water and said "ya esta bautizada". It was funny but also kinda mean ha ha. 
There's pics attached. 

I also found an AWESOME missionary skirt when we were helping out a member organize the clothes she sells. I bought it from her for 25 bs (bolivianos ). She's a cool lady. We were also able to help her out cuz shes got two kids in the mission and not a lot of money at all. She was worried but we were able to help her faith. She's a strong lady, her name's Berta.
We also taught a great lesson to one of our investigators with a date for the 28th. We were on FIRE in that lesson! #TESTIFY. She told us she had no desire to listen to any religious person before, but now she wants to listen to us. so cool!

My companion also almost actually died this week. I was in the kitchen when she came out of the shower and I just hear her slip and fall pretty hard. I ran over to her and she was okay, but her watch was broke and she was pretty sore but there's a step down from the bathroom to the floor. She seriously could have broken her neck. It was scary but shes okay. She bought a new watch today. 
Also, I had a spiritual prompting to cross the street one night just as a drunk guy tried to kinda grab us. My companion luckily followed my lead and we avoided the situation. I feel like we've been pretty protected this week. The Lord protects his missionaries. 
We also learned a bit of Quechua this week!!! ñoka llamakumi Hermana Brown! 

We had a multi zone conference too this week with Pte Rodriguez! It was cool, cuz we were asked to prepare a special musical # and we called another companionship of hnas like last minute and put a cool half a capella version of come thou fount in Spanish together. Everyone liked it alot. 

Also on Saturday we got to attend two baptisms (not ours but still cool) one for our own ward and then also we went to Pan Americana ward to see the baptism of a girl who I actually helped to teach! Her testimony was so strong! and it was a beautiful service! I felt really blessed to have been able to participate a bit in her conversion! Her name is Roxanna Martinez. We sang a number for her baptism too and another investigator there asked us if we could sing at her baptism too in a few weeks. ha ha.

 Also in the last few weeks we have figured out a lot of creative ways to cook baked goods without an oven. For example: we make scrambled brownies in a frying pan (not pretty but it tastes delicious!) and chocolate chip cookies in our George Foreman sandwich toaster. We like to bake hahaha. Its pretty funny. I'm improving my peanut butter recipe too. 

We have a music class going on that's pretty popular with the ward. Its fun for me and my companion to work together and applying our talents to help people! 

I know that every person is given special talents that they can use to do a lot of good in the world. I know that the worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God and that as children of a Loving God, we have divine potential to accomplish great things.

"I can do hard things!!"

I love you guys! I challenge y'all this week to share a video that you like from! they've got some cool vids.

Also in remembrance of Elder Robert D Hales this week, remember that in whatever journey your own right now, whatever goal you have, make your motto "Return with Honor". 
love you guys! 
Tarija Bolivia
Hermana Brown




-pics from the river
-a very inspirational quote looking tree on the mountainside
-pics from conference
-a lunch this week called "dog soup" they make a soup for their dog food here its weird. our version had a whole shelled boiled egg in it. 

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