Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thank You

Thank you for you love
Thank you for you sweet spirit
Thank you for your peaceful words and positive and joyful countenance
Thank you for bringing us together, as a family.
We have so much to thank you for,
You established a place of peace, and support and love whenever we were together.
You have been a ministering angel to so many children of God that have been in need.
You follow and believe in Christ and you loved everyone.
I don't  know how you could have been so patient, so caring, so gracious, so inspirational, so full of charity and Christ like love.
You are whom I hope to learn how to be. 

The Plan of Salvation explains that there are three kingdoms of glory-- each being represented to have varying degrees of light. 
 The celestial kingdom, compared to the light of the sun. which is incomprehensible, bright and marvelous.
The terrestial kingdom, with that comparison to the light of the moon. 
and the telestial, who's light is that of the stars.

How much light we possess defines who we are. I think everyone, LDS or not, can understand and see how different people in this world have different types of light in them. Good, moral and godly things bring us more light. Ungodly or dark things, dims that light which we have. In this life, we must follow Christ, and keep commandments of God, and have charity, so that in that last day, we can shine with our light that has grown to  a celestial degree.

Anyone who knows Grandma Nora, I think would agree, that she is a celestial soul. 

Thank you Grandma Nora, for shining to the world like a city on a hill top. and always sharing you light that we might shine along with you.

Thank you Grandma Nora, for always being a blessing.
I know that families are eternal and I know I will see you again.
Until then, I promise strive to become as celestial as you have shown me how to be.
Thank you for everything.
I love you Nora.

And to all of the family, trust in God. The Spirit is the Comforter and We will be together again with Nora.

 Keep seeking the Light.

with lots of love and prayer,

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