Thursday, November 2, 2017

buenas tardes todos mis amigos y familiares!

So this week was really good. We're seeing a lot of progress in our area and in our investigators. 

I'd like to share my testimony with you guys bout a few things. The Light of the Gospel, The Holy Spirit, and The Book of Mormon.

First, the light the Restored Gospel brings to someones life is very much real. I have seen incredible changes in people, when the understand even the smallest part of this wonderful message we have to share with the world. Their life truly starts to change for the happier and I actually can physically see the more light a person has when they receive these things into their life. 
Darkness is only an absence of light. Its not actually a literal thing but the world often wants to make us think that darkness is there now. This is a lie. Do not ignore the light. Do not ignore its existence just because you choose to keep the curtains closed. Open the curtains, let the light flood in. Darkness will vanish away and you will be filled with light that only gets brighter and brighter until that perfect day.  Seek darkness and you will get lost in it. Seek light and it will come in abundance. 

The Holy Spirit
also called the Comforter. The power the spirit has to protect and guide you is so incredibly real. If we live our lives worthy to have the constant companionship of The Spirit, we will indeed have that. Not at every moment though will we realize that he is there but in those moments that we don't expect to come, when tragedy strikes, we can have in that exact moment the comfort of The Spirit, protecting our soul and our heart and we can know of a surety that while the waves of tragedy crash down on us, we are anchored securely and wont be washed away in the tide. This way, living a life with The Spirit and centered in Christ, we can live happiness and faith, instead of fear.

The Book of Mormon
"if you do not yet have a testimony of these thing, do that which is necessary to obtain one... if you are not reading the Book of Mormon every day, please do so."
-President Thomas S. Monson.
I know the book is true. Please read it and ask God if it is true. Ask with faith true intention and a sincere heart, and the spirit will tell you that it is.

I know these things are true.

Love you guys! from Tarija Bolivia.
please take care of yourselves this week. I forward some fotos.

lots of love

hermana brown

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