Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This Has Been A Good Week!

Buenas Dias!!!
This has been a good week!
P Day

So we hike mountains every day all day in our area right? So guess what our district decides is a great p day activity?? HIKE MORE MOUNTAINS. So we hiked to the top of a mountain peak that has "CRISTO" written on it so all of Tarija can see. It wasn't that hard but it was still pretty cool to reach the top finally. So I'll be sending an email with pictures of the view of Tarija, a close up of the rocks (painted white) that spell out the Cristo and also of the elders making some mountain top sacrifices. 

A Great 1 Year in the Field
So this Wednesday hna Gardner and I did a few things to celebrate our ! YEAR MARK! My companion made delicious chocolate pancakes and a cute card and I gave her a Heart Attack. There are pictures and a video attached. 

Then in the evening after we had 
gotten home (and into our pjs) we heard a knock on our door and Bishop and his family surprised us with a sign, a whole chocolate cake and champagne glasses with soda :) it was so sweet and all I have to say renting an apartment from your bishop is awesome.

So we've been super blessed to have been able to lend a lot of service this week for people. We also found some new investigators by helping people carry groceries, cut stems off of chili peppers and just being there in times of need and giving words of encouragement and comfort.
These are things that everyone can do, not just full time missionaries.
Happy Thanksgiving <3
So with that thought of service in mind, I have another challenge for you all in this thanksgiving week. The challenge is this: GET OUT AND SERVE. The best way to be thankful for what you have, is to give to others. It sounds weird but its true. You can serve people in many ways, from smiling to the people you pass on the street, to giving a nice meal to those who have nowhere or no one to go to this holiday week. Service has no limits on creativity. So just get out there and serve!!!
I'm grateful to be serving everyday as a missionary. Sharing the gospel is also the best way to serve too. Don't forget to help out the missionaries in your ward!!
I love you all and I'm super grateful for all the prayers and cards, thank you :)

Happy Thanksgiving
Also heres a video link that you should all watch and share this week and in the following season:

Tarija, Bolivia
Hermana Brown​

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