Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy Hallooooweeeeeennnn!

Hey guys! So its been a great week this week!
also happy late halloweeeeeeennn!! apparently some people try to be cool and celebrate Halloween here but like a week early.- idk I don't get it and neither does anyone else in Bolivia but we did see a scary clown guy and three scary children. So that made a fairly good Halloween experience.


We did a lot of service activities this week!
We helped our investigator clean her garden and she has a huge orange tree that she cant get the oranges from cuz they re all up really high so we used a giant stick and harvested about 9 oranges for her and she totally let us keep them!! We made some fresh orange juice. It was like taking a vitamin c shot it was so orange-y. My companion got pretty dang excited about fresh orange juice so we took pics.

We also found an old investigator again and helped her make ribbons! like the ones you put on gifts? She made these wreaths for "todos santos" which is the Bolivian say where they honor the dead by going
 to clean their tomb( cuz they don't bury people here they are all in little houses. The cemetery's are really different.) and they also make all the dead persons favorite food and leave it out on the table because they believe that the person comes and eats it. They leave it out all day and the next day they through out perishables and eat the rest. Its a Catholic tradition here. 
But that was my Halloween this week. Our area limit is right in front of one of the two cemeteries in town so one side of our area was like a ghost town with all the shops closed and the other neighborhood had about 200 cars crowded in the streets.

We were contacting that night and we met a cool lady who was sitting on her front doorstep while everyone else was walking to the cemetery for the festivities.
I walked up to her and introduced ourselves and asked one of my go to starter questions "do you believe in Jesus Christ?"  They answer is usually like "of course" but surprisingly this lady was like "not much" and so we sat down on the sidewalk and talked to her for a while. Shes really cool and totally prepared for the Gospel. 

We also have a great investigator named Sylvia who is progressing wonderfully!!! We spent like a hour last night explaining to her how to pay fast offerings and tithing but she understood the math finally and she doesn't have a problem with it! Shes awesome. Tithing is a bit more complicated when you go out to sell everyday and don't get a regular income.

Anyways its been a really good week and I can see a lot more progression in our area which I'm really happy about. When I got here we had no one to teach and now we have a whole bunch of good people! #hardwork #preachthegospel #lotsoffaith #missionofmiracles

Sorry for the hashtags. But seriously

Oh and we finally MOVED and its SO MUCH BETTER. We have such a better spirit in our house and we don't have to listen to our landlord yelling all the time
and the best part is we live in our bishops house now! and on the bottom floor lives another family of members!!!! Our whole building is members! Its pretty cool.

Also fun fact: our ward is called 4th of July right? and we have the neighborhood 4th of July in our area and also there is literally always illegal fireworks going off and we have a WHOLE STREET of basically just BBQ places and to finish it off our bishops name it Julio. Translated bishop JULY. #america #freedom #theperfectplacefor2gringastobe

Love y'all! Help out the missionaries this week! and reach out to people!!!

Love from Tarija, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

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