Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plot Twist

Hey guys! Don't have a lot to say this week cuz I'm working through some things. 

But long story short, I've moved back to my old area Las Misiones 2. My comp is hna Ius from Utah. 

It was hard to say goodbye to cuatro de Julio yesterday. Here's some pics of a investigator family. I forgot my flash drive so I'll have to send other pics of more people next week. sorry!

I know that God loves us and I know that this is His work and I'm on His errand. I hope I can work well enough to do the things He wants me to do. 
I  testify that personal study of the scriptures and personal daily and nightly prayer, can change your whole life and help you out in the difficult moments. I'll be depending a lot on the Lord in these next few weeks and I invite you all to strive to do the same. 

When in doubt. just serve.

I hope your all liking the new arrangement of third our classes at church! I think its gonna be great!

And to mention, our dear Prophet Thomas S. Monson...
I loved him, and I am 100% sure he was a true prophet of the Lord and he left an example that we should all follow. He was a kind, friendly and loving leader and I'm grateful to have had him as our prophet. I know the Lord will call another man just as worthy and just as inspired as he was. 
I invite you all to look up his teachings on lds.org
And to second his testimony in the last April conference. his last talk: please if you are not reading the Book of Mormon daily, please do so.
And if you do not have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ right now, do whatever you can to obtain one. It is crucial to your happiness.

Love you guys. Prayers would be a lot of help right now. thanks

Hermana Brown

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