Monday, January 29, 2018

Cambios Locos


Okay, so sorry for not writing for a few weeks, but honestly its been pretty crazy for me lately.

Los cambios locos

So I had to leave la linda Tarija and return to Santa Cruz De Los Milagros and actually the first two weeks of this cambio I was sent back to my first area! That was a shock! But sure enough it was revelation. I was able to see all my converts again and they were able to go to church! I was able to get to know the wonderful hna Ius. She's from Utah and is going to study animation! We have a lot in common. I also got to teach a wonderful investigator that I only got to know a little last year. Last Saturday she was baptized and it was beautiful. She has so much faith and a strong testimony. Her two children are also recent converts and its wonderful to see the whole family being brought together through the Gospel. Families can be eternal!!

Then we had emergency transfers this last Domingo(not yesterday) and I am now Guaracal, (that's the ward name) and my companion is hna Rayme. She's from Puerto Maldonado, Peru. She's really nice :)
It's been a LONG week, I haven't had to get to know a new area for a long time and the heat of Santa Cruz takes some getting used to again. but I'm optimistic.
I know God is on my side! and he's also in control,and he has my happiness in mind.

Thank you all for your prayers and help!
Love from Bolivia,
Hermana Café

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