Monday, February 19, 2018

From the Mission of Miracles!!

Hey everyone sorry long time no see!
Here's an update of everything that has happened over the last like 4 weeks.

First of all I'm freaking out because I have 2 CAMBIOS left!!! ahhhhhg!!! I'm not okay with that. What even happened to my fist twelve weeks? 


So about 4 weeks ago an investigator in las misiones got baptized. Even though I had recently been emergency transferred to Guaracal we got to assist her baptism. It was beautiful and we sang Come Thou Fount hna Ius and hna Heartline. 
There is a picture attached below of hna Sylvia (recent convert) with us (her missionaries) and her family including her two children who are converts from the last year, including Daniel who was a less active member when I started my mission in las misiones but has since returned to the church and served a mini mission and was the one to baptize his mom Sylvia.
It's was amazing to see a family being brought together and blessed through the gospel. I know that families can be eternal and I'm very happy that I could have the opportunity to teach such a wonderful person as Sylvia. She has a lot of faith and she loves her family. She has taught me a lot.


Ive been doing well in my new area even though its very small. We had Carnaval where we had to stay inside for 3 day also my companion hna Rayme (Puerto Maldonado, Peru) had dengue so that was another almost 3 days in house. 
Also this week we have cambios again! Good news: me and hna Rayme are staying together here, 
Surprise news: they have closed the elder´s area in Guaracal and now we are the ONLY missionaries in the whole ward and ALL of Guaracal is our area!
I've never been the only set of missionaries in a ward before but were excited for the new opportunities this cambio and to be opening the other half of guaracal. also we can visit all the members!! We're super excited to work hard and baptize some great people this cambio so that's what we're gonna do.

I am feeling like I'm really putting my whole  Heart Might Mind and Soul into the work recently and that makes me really happy. I know that hard work is what makes us happy and we should be always be striving to be something better than what we are and that we should always be working to complete our goals! I know that with faith and help from the Lord, we can achieve anything! I know the Lord helps me and strengthens me everyday and I'm very very grateful for that.

Don't forget to rely on the lord this week and don't forget that faith needs works!!

Also you all should watch this awesome video that talks about how hard work and faith truly changes lives and lets us live happily even in the face of the hardest trials. watch it! share it!

Hermana Ius and Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and Hermana Rayme

love y'all!!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hermana Brown

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