Monday, March 13, 2017

6 Baptism Dates!!

Alright, so here's the last two weeks news since I didn't have time last week.
We literally just stayed in the house all 3 days. BUT I got all my personal projects done! Which was great! Including hemming pants and shirts making a hymn number reference in my little hymnario and organizing all my stuff. We also deep cleaned the house till it was sparkling!" We watched a lot of church movies and MOANA which I think is tied with Tangled to be my favorite princess movie now. I also hung up the primary sign they sent me and I love it!!!  It was a fun time. Me and H Cluff made crepes and chocolate chip pancakes and stir fry and a member brought us pizza and soda which was so nice! It was fun but it was really great to get outside and working again too.

The other misieras in our ward baptized a beautiful young family this Friday and it was amazing. Also me and H Cluff have 6 PEOPLE WITH baptismal dates!! A family of a taxista who we had lost our phone in his taxi  but he miraculously brought it back to us and happened to be in our area and so we started teaching him and his wife and daughter and they have been to church 2 times now and have a baptism date and they are just pretty great so far. The wife actually bore her testimony on fast Sunday haaha. There have been a lot of miracles this week and last and me and hermana Cluff are really motivated to work super hard this last week before cambios where H Cluff will probably leave and I will finish my training!
Quien Soy?
So to practice contacting people and to speak Spanish more conversationally me and H Cluff started doing this game while we walk where one person has to answer questions as a character and the other person has to figure out who they are. So QUIEN SOY? (who am i) and its been really fun and good practice!
I have improved a lot in my Spanish and that alone is a miracle in itself.
An honorary mention to my new favorite snack(they are like fried banana chips?) They are really good and a while back we had fresh ones made by a member mom and we were walking on a hot day past this house and this mom runs out brandishing a bag of her fresh chipiu triumphantly and gave it to us out of nowhere and then she was gone as quick as she came. It was a beautiful miracle and tender mercy. It was also delicious.
Also a pic of a house that reminds me of Indiana Jones.
okay here are some pics and stuff I hope everyone has a great week!

-Hermana Brown

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