Monday, March 27, 2017

So I have no time to write this week sorry! But the most interesting thing is I've got a new companion!!!
Her name is Hermana Mamán and she is from Argentina! Corientes, Argentina. But she was born in Buenos Aires. Super cool! She is the sweetest person ever and she has spent the first 6 months of her mission in Tarija. This is her first time in Santa Cruz! We have been getting along great and I think  this cambio is gonna be great.
I decorated my new agenda and its really cute!
hna Cluff is actually now with hna Maman's last companion in Tarija. We switched! I think hna Cluff is really liking her new area too. It sounds perfect for her.
Anyways, we've got some really great investigators.  I'm really excited for and the bishop and the ward have been incredibly helpful and awesome lately. We had a Relief Society activity this week and the General Women's Conference and its all been super fun.
That's all really have time right now
Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
<3 Hermana Brown

(Hermana Café/Hermana Brownie)

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