Monday, March 6, 2017

Good Shoes

We heard a lot of opinions and warnings about carnaval, and from our third floor apartment we heard a LOT of fiestas but the street was pretty calm mostly. We saw one car completely covered in mud though. People will do that to their car apparently so that the paint people throw will wash off.
All that we have to cook is a blender, a George Foreman panini thing (which we use as our toaster) a pot a pan a spatula and a stove top hot plates thing--oh and a water boiler thing.
We bought waterproofing spray and I used that on my new shoes so they will stay nice longer. They are good shoes.

Our district leader called us later that day and told us we were on the front page of! I'm glad you saw it cuz I wanted to tell you about it. That's embarrassing that it was up on the projector in Gospel Doctrine, the pics ...alright..,. but that's still cool- yes the other hermanas from the ccm are sitting behind us, I believe

South America's cool, but very different. My favorite things  I actually really like are yogurt and chocolate cereal (all the yogurt is drinkable kind like danimals?) and selling licenses aren't really a thing so people sell homeade food in the street or in front of their front gates all the time and me and my companion have our favorite Emapanda Lady that sells in front of the local school everyday and she is our friend now and the last two times shes given us a free extra emanada when we buy our usual two (with cheese and sugar which sounds weird but is really good). I  love our pencenista!  Her and her family are very kind and she makes the best food! I love how recently we've had a lot of rain.

Life sounds so exciting at home!!! You can do whatever you want any day really! I mean, its exciting here too but we basically know what everyday is gonna be like. ha ha. I'm TRYING to speak Spanish ha ha. At first it felt really really lonely but Ive gotten more accustomed since a couple moths ago and its really cool to be involved in a culture that's so different and its fun to learn how to make jokes in a different language. Me and this other hermana in the other area in our ward have this joke where we always ask each other "quiere luchar?" ("you want to fight?) es un chiste no mas. ha ha I miss Harvey and Trixie a lot too! 

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