Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Alright, so not much happened this week.
But here are a few short and interesting things:
Trial Witnesses:
So we were walking just to another appointment and I had taken the long way because I was guiding us (to practice knowing the area) and that was the way I knew, and in the street one of our investigators who we haven't seen him or his family in a while after we got a phone call saying they couldn't make it to one of our appointments, walks up to us he starts talking to us all serious and stuff (hes a bit hard to understand so I didn't understand everything immediately and confirmed what I understood with my companion later) that basically the wife left with the kids about crazy claims to him being an abusive husband,  but the guy, he is seriously always been super nice and really a spiritual guy. So he was asking us basically to be witnesses in a trial for him. But 1) we are definitely not allowed to do that and B) even if we could testify we would not hold any convincing testimony because we only visited with them like 3 times. Anyways, that was just something interesting that happened.
So a few days ago we were leaving the house in the morning and discovered not one but TWO decapitated bird heads on our patio on our third floor apartment that no cat could have really gotten to. The bodies were nowhere to be seen, only one splat of blood as evidence. So that was a pretty horrifying start to our day. They are still there. I don't think either of us knows how to deal with them. But that's pretty exciting.
Completing My Training:
So Wednesday's the day, we've got INTER CAMBIOS. or transfers in English (I think?) I finish my training and most likely I'm going to stay here and Hermana Cluff will leave. I might also train who knows? I'm kinda nervous but I know whatever the Lord asks of me, He will provide a way for me to accomplish it. So we find out all that info tomorrow. I'm not sure if my Spanish is strong enough yet or if I can answer people's questions well enough yet, but I know I have seen a lot of miracles here already and I know that with the Lords help I can do it. Also last  week I hit 4 MONTHS in my mission! This next Sunday will be 3 months in Bolivia. So that's pretty crazy.
I've also been studying in Mosiah in my Book of Mormon and in Genesis in my Bible and the stories of King Benjamin and Zeniff and Joseph(and his techicolor dream coat) are all super great! I love the Scriptures!
I hope everyone will take this challenge to read their scriptures this week! I promise for each day you do, your day will be more successful and happy!
Good Luck!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
<3 Hermana Brown

P.S. Here are some photos from Starbucks and Johnny rockets a few weeks ago and also a pic of us trying to take a picture in a mor´tor taxi. A taxi that's a motorcycle driven and very small and exciting to ride in. Oh,

also horses just on the side of the street in the middle of town.​

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