Monday, April 3, 2017

Miracles and Horrors

So, you know the Willy Wonka movie everything is awesome and stuff but in the middle, they have this horrific nightmare boat ride experience? Yeah that was this week.

Thursday I think?
So, we had to walk to get to one appointment very late and I thought about taking the micro but decided against it because I though we were a LOT closer than we were. so, because I ignored that prompting we ended up having to run through the rain at the last street to get to the new investigator’s house who
WAS waiting for us and we showed up all drenched it was funny. but this Nuevo was so amazing to teach she has real intention like I’ve never seen and her member boyfriend was there and super great in the lesson! she wants to learn more! and she came to church last week but couldn’t talk to us cuz we were running around with our other investigators.

It was bound to happen I was just hoping it wouldn’t:
on this trek to that appointment we passed a dead German shepherd on the side of the road. it was awful and I have been scarred for life. That was horrific,

other small horrors
almost stepped on a HUGE black horned beetle the other night and it was weird cuz I literally have NO idea why it was in the middle of the street when I’ve never seen them before here at all.

so, on Saturday I got to watch conference in English with the other gringo missionaries. we started by trying to get the livestream and audio to work on a tiny computer in a tiny room in the church building and it finally worked! band later they got a tv set up in another air-conditioned room which we moved to. It was amazing to be in a room where everyone was so invested into every single word of conference. we would talk excitedly during the hymns about what we heard but then rapt attention as soon as the next speaker got up.

the only other gringa Hermana wasn’t at our capilla so I couldn’t go to English. My heart ached to hear the words of the prophet so I could understand them, and miraculously in answer to my prayers. English subtitles turned on in a big room where I was the only one who spoke ingles and it was an answer to my prayers. also at the last bit of second part the bishop’s daughter offered to come with me to the English room which was amazing.

so, lots of miracles this week with great new hopes in conclusion and I don’t have time to write
love you all thank you for your prayers!
We do have a blender, and my companion says she knows what liquados are we are going to make some. I think I remember you making them a lot growing up. Chocolate and ice and milk and banana was my favorite. I’ve been wanting to make that since I got here but I only just found an ice tray so I’m excited to make those now.  Tell mom I hope she’s feeling well soon.
Yes, she does say Che and speak with Vos and they do say macanudo and it is very hot it Corrientes. I also asked her about copycuas and she was confused how I knew the word at all, but yes those are still a thing she says. I guess I’ll have her teach me Vosear sounds cool. I’m still not very good at tu though.
Yes, they drink mate in Bolivia but it’s not as much of an everyone does it thing as Argentina. our pensionista does. We’ve had mate a couple of times in our apartment when we get home and sit outside where the air is cooler. It’s nice.  My comp taught me how to do mate con leche which I really like a lot.

Conference was over all super amazing and I especially loved Hollands talk and president Monson of course. I really liked the other talks I heard but I also haven’t listened to all of them in English yet so I’m gonna do that this week. I just downloaded them. I want to hear Uchdorfs talk in English., I could understand the points he was saying but it’s not the same listening in Spanish, so I was sitting there with my comp crying next to me so I’m excited to hear it in "the language of my heart" (read that in a liahona article, one of the reasons the lord promises every people will her the gospel in their native tongue).

As for an experience the spirit guides me every moment because if it wasn’t then I would not be able to walk so much and talk and understand so much. You don’t need the spirit to slap you in the face, to know that it’s there I mean. (Good Boys and Good Girls Davis a Bednar talk it’s a good one)
I know that I need the spirit in every moment and I try to stay worthy to have that. I’ve realized how important it is for investigators to understand what a blessing it is to have the gift of the holy ghost and to have that promise to have him with us ALWAYS. its super cool. I’ll try to think of a specific experience to write this week.
Love and Luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown <3

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