Monday, April 10, 2017


Alright so this week been COOL.
So, we have found some awesome investigators recently who are very prepared. it’s been cool and I’ve seen a lot of miracles this week with finding and teaching people.
We had to go to the dentist for my companion and it was 30 min long and cost 300 bolivianos!! but the dentist told me about Syria and Trump and shoot I’m not gonna have a country to come back to if this is just the beginning!

I don’t know how to spell it but my companion woke me up in the middle of the night yelling my name because he couldn’t move her body. It was a bit scary and I wished I was an elder for a moment so could give her a blessing. We called the health secretary at 5 am and she said to try and rest. The next day she still couldn’t walk very well so we had to stay home for pretty much the whole day, our pencionista brought us lunch. We were able to leave, walking very slowly to go to our most important appointment of the day, but when we got there our investigator wasn’t there! but we were able to teach her mom who was fantastic! She made her own commitment to read and pray etc. it was really cool and she is very prepared by the Lord. Then we got to have a first lesson with a young couple who were great as well (they came to church too!) and it was so cool to see such miracles in only the last two hours of the day.
My comp is doing MUCH better now. It happens when your neck muscle gets tough and can’t loosen or something. Its working itself out in its own time though and she can move well now.
So today I am wearing a JACKET (which my comp gave me cuz I didn’t have one she’s the sweetest) AND A SCARF!!!!!!!!!! It’s cold today which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. WINTEEEEEEEEEERRRRR yeah!!! I’m ready for it to be may! I’m seriously super happy its cold, is this even Santa Cruz???
Well, hope you guys have a fantastic and inspiring week this week! Love you all so much and your prayers and thoughts are very helpful and I’m very grateful for them!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown
pics of
Jackets and scarves!
I won a bowling game last p day!
we got ice cream too at a popular ice cream place
pics from conference
in the room with all the gringos for English session of conference

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