Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mom's Post because Shannon Didn't Tell Me These Things!!

So, my sweet Shannon didn't give me very much info this week, but a beautiful girl named Sarai (she is the bishop's daughter according to Shannon) sent me these pictures.

From what I'm seeing, there was a baptism of a family (The Ampuero's) and from the looks of it, the sisters are giving English lessons!  Nice to know, Miss Shannon, hmmm?

Anyway, she looks very happy and I'm so glad that she and her companion love each other.  Maybe I can get more out of her on Monday.

According to the countdown marker at the bottom of the blog, Shannon comes home in 365 day!  Exactly a year!
Maybe a baby shower?

Teaching something (nothing on the board yet)

The Ampuera Family

The Mission President Rodriguez and his wife, the sisters and the Ampuera family

Now it looks like an English class

The whole group at the baptism.  Sarai Moldanado is squatting down in the front with the red jacket on

"Let's see how long I can beat the Sister's leg with a stick..." 

Shannon and her companion, Sister Mannan (I think I spelled it wrong).  She is from Argentina

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