Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Last Week's Post by Shannon That Didn't Come Thru Til Now

Hola! so this week has gone by SO FAST! and it was awesome
So, last p day we had a zone activity and we went to the SAND DUNES! which was cool. I didn’t want to go when we were planning it. but it ended up being a really cold day so actually a perfect day to go and it was fun. we had foot long sandwiches (like a loaf of French bread for every person it was crazy) and we had to cram our entire zone into one van which was fun. we drove for like 40 min and there was a bunch of small lakes on the road on the path to the dunes that the car almost got stuck in a couple times. then there was a river and the van got STUCK! like the back tire was more than halfway sunk into the sand it was bad. but with some logs and teamwork we got it out. so that was exciting. We had fun jumping of the steep ledge of the dune into the sand and racing to the bottom and back up (I beat one elder so at least I wasn’t last) and a long jump competition. one elder ran to jump then right as her jumped off the ledge he screamed, “I’m afraid of heights" because it seems steep. that was our zone leader Elder Lozano. He’s from Texas but is brown so the Latinos don’t believe him when he says he’s from the states.
The we hiked back to the van and had to race to so our shopping. and in the evening, we found a family to teach which was great! There are some vids of us getting the car stuck and unstuck. and pics in the crowded van and sand dunes.

We seriously have some amazing investigaotres right now. and we have 6 people with baptismal dates. AND we have a family being baptized this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Familia Ampuero. Me and Hna Cluff found them when we lost of phone in the dad’s taxi and he returned it to us! they are great. 
We had an awesome FHE with them and the bishop at a member family’s house.
one investigator is an older guy and he accepted a baptism date this week but we talked to his granddaughter and she told us that his whole family are member but they were baptized in Spain and are inactive and he doesn’t know!
Also, news from the president investigators only need 2 times in the sacrament meeting to be baptized instead of 3 now!!

Bible Bashed
SO, we had a lesson with one of our amazing investigatores who’s boyfriend is a member and we watched the restoration video and were going to teach the plan of salvation. but her mom (who is supportive of us coming over for her daughter but is very evangelical herself) joined us and had a lot of questions. Then when my companion was explaining the pre-eternal life she interrupted with "sorry, but where in the bible is this?" and then she went OFF. now this lady has about 20 different bibles. I’m sure every version of bible there is she has. (she even has the bible for women?) and she started telling us all about genesis and pulled out her newest bible (bible chronologically) and we left their house AT 9:30 with is super bad cuz that is our latest curfew D: but one good thing is that our investigator stepped in to answer one of her mom’s questions and it was exactly what we would have said. Which was super cool.

So, church this Sunday was CRAZY. We were literally running everywhere up and down stairs and everything. because our family needed to get their interviews for baptism done and we had to go to all the different third hours to invite people to come to the baptism and hand our assignments to put the baptism together. the only time I sat down for more than 20 min was during the sacrament. then after church we went to a member house for lunch and had PicuMachu for the 3rd time this week but that’s okay cuz its good and my companions favorite. It’s a bed of French fries with carne and pollo and juevo and mayo, tomatoes and cheese and it can be Spicy.
I ate a slice of chili whole and teared up at the table.
and those two hours are now up so ciao!!!
Love and Luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown​

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