Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Week in the Mission of Miracles!

OK so this week was great!
This week we had the opportunity to both clean up the apartment of a awesome less active member and then a different day, we were knocking gates (we do that instead of knocking on doors)and we accidentally ended up knocking the back gate of one of our investigators who invited us in and we ended up helping her to paint her windows!!! It was super cool. She asked us to sing because singing makes the paint job turn out better and the only words we could remember were to hymns so we sung hymns and it brought the Spirit in a special way and she said she really liked the songs. We explained a lot about missionary life too, and she seemed impressed by that. But I'm glad we got to have the opportunity to lend service this week. It was fun!

We made homemade pizza with our recent converts which was great! They put corn and baloney on their pizza which was weird but it was still pretty good. My companion makes some good pizza dough. We made it on their table outside with our hands and everything it was pretty legit.
So, me and hna Mam├ín are kinda famous in the ward I guess. cuz this Sunday we were told where we were going to eat for lunch and said that the family specifically asked for us. Then the family told us when we arrived that they had heard about us from other members talking, and it seems like they said some pretty good things because it made them want to get to know us. Then at church we could hardly keep track of our investigators because basically every member wanted to say hi and talk to us and it was also kind of crazy because everyone was huddled together from the cold. haha! Sunday was really fun. I love this ward. Also last week e arrived late and learned the hard way that our new bishop isn't going to let them pass the sacrament outside the sacrament hall, so if you arrive late....we made sure to be on time this week.
OK sorry I couldn't write much! I love y'all. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Have a great week!
PS cambios this next week and I'm scared! I'll probably leave!! D: But I'm ready to serve were the Lord needs me
Okay Ciao!!
love and luck from Bolivia
Hermana Brown
the foto is from Starbucks cuz we went to the mall today which was awesome!

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