Monday, July 3, 2017

B Day and P Day

OK! sorry I haven't written in a while! But this week I got some things to say so here ya go!
This week we had 2 baptisms! Vicente and Teresa Talavera a young recently married couple who are absolutely the best were baptized and confirmed this week which went really well. We only met them a month ago they were super prepared to here the message of the Restored Gospel! It was such a pleasure to teach them and get to know them! We have another lesson with them tonight. Teresa gave me a cute necklace the night they had their baptismal interviews. it was so sweet! And when she changed into her white baptism dress she laughed and told us that after her wedding a year ago she never thought shed be wearing all white ever again.  We also are teaching the son of a member who's kinda infamous in our area book and in the ward. He practically lives at institute and wants to serve a mission, but he still hasn't been baptized? He's an interesting person but this week he accepted a baptismal date! Our lessons with him are always super spiritual and great. I'm excited to keep teaching him.
P day

We had a zone activity and we watched Lego Batman, which was pretty funny. Hna Maman didn't like it though hahaha. We had popcorn and candy and put the TV at the front of the chapel where all the cushy seats are, I felt like we actually went to a theater! It was pretty fun. Today we're gonna watch Finding Dory at a member's


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