Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tarijans Love Potatoes Too Much

Hey guys!
 This week was hard but I learned a ton about patience and love and that patriarchal blessings can be an amazing source of strength and hope as was mine for me this week.
I don't want to talk much about the struggles this week cuz that no fun but just so y'all know every struggle I faced I also received some pretty amazing assurances from my Heavenly Father that everythings going to be alright.

One of the funny things that happened this week is our pensionista made lunch called pido de papa, which was a side salad with about 4 whole potatoes and 2 whole sweet potatoes on one plate. It was very good but I couldn't eat all the potatoes. It is one of my favorite plates now though it is very healthy. The people like quinoa here a lot. 

Also my testimony.
This week I know that this is the great and marvelous work of the Lord and I'm exactly where I need to be right now in my life doing exactly what I should be doing. And we are all daughter and sons of God who loves us and knows us each individually. 
This is his one true church. and the message of the restored gospel is a happy one. That families can be eternal and that Christ lives and God still talks to his children on earth. There is room for the Gospel in every persons life and ever person needs to hear it. If you are someone who has a testimony of these things (a big one or a small one, simple or grand) share it with someone, with anyone. Help the missionaries in your ward, they need it. And share the happy news of the restored gospel with anyone who will listen. "every member a missionary".
I love you guys. I hope all is well in your lives. Keep calm and carry on. 
Thank you for your prayers they always help a ton.
miracles happen, love and luck from Tarija, Bolivia,
Hermana Brown

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